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You Can Go to Heaven

Salvation is more than praying a prayer. A salvation decision will change your life! Click on the pictures below to learn…

Who is God? – God wrote the Bible – Who is the Devil? – What is Sin? – Sin separates from God – What is Hell? – Who is Jesus? – What did Jesus do for you? – How do you follow Jesus? – How can you receive Jesus as your Savior? – 48 Pictures

Decide to receive Jesus Christ as your Savior and follow Him with your life!

Flip Chart

Use these pictures to present the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, to other people.

It is important for people to know about God, the Bible, the DevilSin, Hell (Lake of Fire), Jesus, the Cross, Receiving (Follow) Jesus, and the Next Steps after the salvation decision.

Our prayer is that many people will trust Christ as their Savior as Christians use these simple pictures to explain the Gospel.

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