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Ministry of Helps

God touches some qualified people to serve in ministry, although they are not ordained minsters. You can help SWM fulfill the Great Commission using your area of expertise. SWM can help you with training and experience that will better prepare you for further ministry.

Has God touched your heart to help Silent Word Ministries? Has He burdened you for another area where we could serve the Lord together? Will you help?

Come serve the Lord with us! Together we can serve, sow, and reap for the Lord.

Together we can accomplish more.

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Get Involved

Helpers needed!

What is your area of expertise?

Use it for the Lord at SWM.

Why Ministry of Helps?

“And God hath set some in the church, first apostles… prophets… teachers… miracles… healings…


– 1 Corinthians 12:28

SWM Ministry of Helps Logo

Silent Word Ministries is a unique, Baptist, missionary ministry, specializing in deaf ministry. Our ministry would not be possible without the many who serve God with us in their different areas of expertise (Romans 12:4-5). Some are of retirement age with continuing income, and desire to use their remaining years to serve the Lord. Others are younger, and desire to give their time to help SWM with special projects at the SWM office or from a remote location. The Ministry of Helps is a way for qualified and like- minded Christian laymen to serve the Lord.

SWM specializes in producing Bible-based literature and videos for Deaf people and deaf ministries. These include tracts, manuals, booklets, a bi-monthly newspaper, sign language materials, and a systematic program of Bible lessons.

Please view and prayerfully consider our ministry and…

Come Help Us Reach the Deaf World For Christ!

Who Can Serve?


“Are all apostles? are all prophets?
are all teachers?” – 1 Corinthians 12:29

Internship Image

SWM opens the door to qualified and like-minded laymen to serve the Lord in the Ministry of Helps. Those in the Ministry of Helps serve with SWM within their areas of expertise, on their schedule, and, in some cases, in other locations, without relocating to our area. Those in the Ministry of Helps may be missionaries or Christian laymen who are “Helpers” in ministry.

Not everyone is called to these areas of ministry, but all in the body of Christ can and should serve Him. God does not call everyone to be a missionary, preacher, teacher, or pastor but God can use everyone. Some may not be qualified to serve as missionaries, preachers, pastors, or full time missionaries because of age, disabilities, health, or lack of education. However, they may be qualified to serve in other areas of ministry. The Ministry of Helps is also available to people with past issues which have been resolved, who have continued to be faithful to the Lord, and who have their pastor’s blessing to serve under this program.

God can use you according to what you have and so can SWM. “For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not” (2 Corinthians 8:12). You can serve in ways you feel most comfortable using your abilities and skills. Under the Ministry of Helps, ordination, commission, or knowledge of Sign Language is beneficial, but not required.

Open Doors of Opportunity

SWM specializes in Deaf ministry, but has grown into an expanding
worldwide ministry, evangelizing and reaching out more each year.

Help is needed in
many different areas.


Prayerfully consider our ministry as a place where
you can serve the Lord with your gifts, abilities, and expertise.

ASL Class with Tabitha
  • Publication Ministry – Writing, editing, printing and producing materials needed for all deaf ministries. We also publish The Silent Word newspaper especially for Deaf people and deaf ministries.
  • Video Ministry – Producing Bible-based videos in signs and voice. We need experienced people to film, edit, and reproduce these materials.
  • Deaf Bible Institute – A “free” correspondence program for the Deaf, with over 1,000 Deaf people enrolled. We need people to edit and grade these courses, and to correspond with the students. The DBI is available online and through postal mail.
  • SWMI Mission Team Mission Trips – Evangelism at Deaf events such as the Deaf Olympics, Deaf Expos, and other large venues. These trips are exciting, challenging, and life-changing experiences.
  • Special Team Outreach Ministries – Teaching and training many local ministries nationwide in all areas of the deaf ministry. Meetings are held through Fantastic Saturdays, Deaf Days, and Conferences.
  • Internet Ministry – Designing and maintaining websites, producing and uploading online classes done in sign language and voice. “Reaching the world from home.”
  • Marketplace Ministry – Personal Evangelism in fairs, flea markets, and other events. Also training churches and other ministries about this overlooked opportunity.
  • Local Church Deaf Ministry – Serving area deaf with interpreters, church services, and a Deaf chapel. You can minister and socialize with Deaf people.
  • Grounds & Maintenance – Help with grounds and landscaping and general maintenance of buildings.

Let us know of your expertise, as it may open new doors of ministry for us to serve the Lord together. If the Lord has touched your heart to serve with us, contact us and let us know. We ask the Lord to send us those who will share in our ministry, and together we will both spiritually grow and serve.

God can use you
and so can Silent Word Ministries.

How? Finances

Supplemental Support – Gifts

Some serving under Ministry of Helps may be retired from other vocations or have other income that allows them to serve the Lord without the need to raise additional funds. Others, depending on individual needs and budget, may need to raise supplemental support for ministry projects. Each person is responsible to raise their approved support amount.

Those serving under the Ministry of Helps may also raise funds for SWM-approved mission projects. These tax-deductible funds are received through the SWM home office. It is SWM’s policy that 100% of support and gifts are used as designated, in accordance with IRS regulations. An escrow account will be created at SWM to hold funds until needed for special projects.

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Silent Word Mission Board

The Ministry of Helps functions under the Silent Word Mission Board. The SWMB is a serving agency and acts as an extension of the local church to reach Deaf people for Christ. SWM requires a testimony of faithfulness and character from the candidate’s pastor and two others. SWMB screens candidates regarding finances, character, doctrine, integrity, and calling. When personal counseling is needed, individuals are referred back to their local church and pastor.

Note: Approval for all who serve under Ministry of helps is made by the
SWM Executive Operating Board (EOB) on behalf of the SWM Board of Directors.