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A number of years ago, we conducted a Fantastic Saturday meeting in Concord, New Hampshire. The church hosted the FS for two years. The first year, I met a man named Glenn. I assumed was a pastor of a church because he was wearing a tie. But Glenn had come to the meeting because his wife had an interest in Deaf ministry, and he “owed her one.” Glenn came along to support her, because she had done the same for him multiple times before. Glenn was not expecting anything, but was simply trying to make it through the day without being too bored. He did not expect what happened to him. God gripped his soul for the need of the Deaf in his church and area. He told me later that the entire day was a “game-changer” for him. He did not expect what God was going to do, but he (the man) surrendered that day to help the Deaf in any way he could. This happened well over ten years ago, and Glenn is still actively involved in helping the Deaf in his church and area.

The following year, we returned to that same church to hold the FS meeting. We met a Deaf couple from the neighboring state of Rhode Island. John and Darlene enjoyed the FS meeting and approached me at the end of the day asking if we would come to their church to hold this kind of meeting. I quickly told them that we would love that, but that we required an invitation from their pastor. It took a few years, but eventually, I received a phone call from their pastor inviting us to come to their church to hold an FS meeting. Now we have been going to their church for over ten years! They have been great hosts to us and this meeting. What we did not expect, was that John and Darlene have become our great friends, and God has used them to become “assistants” to us when we are in the Northeast with other FS meetings. John teaches with me when one of our SWM Deaf men cannot come. Darlene substituted for Terry one year doing the games and songs! We are thankful to see the unexpected people God has used over the years in the Northeast to help reach the Deaf!

God uses our unexpected circumstances to do His will. Look for God’s unexpected leading in your unexpected circumstances.

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