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This issue I want to highlight a special deaf worker. You will see him in this picture as he received our latest SWM “Servants Award.” We enjoy honoring God’s faithful servants, especially those in deaf ministry. We live in a world that is always trying to be “seen.” We are pushed all the time to get promoted. We are all too ready to post pictures of ourselves all over our social media accounts to make sure everyone knows what we are doing. When I think about this man, I see a man who models what I want to be – a faithful servant. Brother Bob Bricker has pastored and served the Deaf for over fifty-three years. When you see Bob, you will see him serving. Sometimes he is interpreting. Sometimes he is visiting Deaf in the hospital or in their homes. Sometimes you will see him driving a bus filled with Deaf to a special meeting.

I have known Bob for over thirty-five years. I have never seen him (even one time) trying to be sure that he is in the front row of a picture. He is far more comfortable in the back row than in the front row. When Bob shared his testimony about how he got started in Deaf ministry over fifty-three years ago, he talked about his Deaf brother. His voice cracks as he says that he did not want his Deaf brother going to Hell. His motivation fifty-three years ago was to help his brother learn what the Bible says about how to go to Heaven. Because of his love for his brother, he learned Sign Language and gave his life and his hands to make sure that his brother and other Deaf in his area would see a clear presentation of the Gospel. Bob has dedicated his life to teaching the Word of God to Deaf people God brings across his path. I am hopeful that all of us will make this our goal in ministry. Sometimes we can get so drawn to promoting ourselves that we miss the many opportunities God has given us. I am hopeful that each of us will make it our goal to hear our Heavenly Father congratulate us for being a good and faithful SERVANT when we arrive in Heaven.

I am thankful for great examples of faithful servants like Bob Bricker! I am also thankful to serve with him and call him “my friend” who helps us serve and reach the deaf in the Northeast!

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