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When I was growing up, I always enjoyed going on vacation. One of the main reasons I looked forward to it so much was that there would be a swimming pool wherever we were going. We did not have a swimming pool at our house, so this was something very special to me. I remember going camping one year at a Christian Conference. They had a very nice pool. I remember getting to the pool early one day, and there was only one boy ahead of me. We had to wait for the lifeguard to come before we could get in the pool. Finally the lifeguard showed up and we ran in, threw our towels on a chair, and headed for the diving board. The other boy jumped off the diving board first, and I waited for him to reach the side before I did a magnificent dive (really it was just a straight dive in the water). As I swam to the ladder, I noticed the first boy still beside the ladder going up and down. I got out and watched him. I noticed his eyes were getting very big! I reached out my hand and he grabbed it and gasped for air, thanking and thanking me. He needed help, and I was in the right place at the right time to offer him a hand.

Many years ago I started learning Sign Language, and trying to teach the Deaf the Word of God. God sent a Deaf man named Bob to our church at just the right time. Bob was a solid believer, and helped me so much to understand how the Deaf thought, and a great deal about Deaf culture. His wife, Karen, was a young Deaf lady in our church at the time. Later they got married (I was honored to have a part in their wedding), and now they have five grown children. He is a Deaf Pastor in Virginia today. I am so thankful that God sent Bob to our church when He did. I needed a helping hand, and Bob reached out for me when I was drowning!!! Have you ever thought about who you might be able to help today? You might not think that you can offer much, but I am sure there are some people just like me who could use a helping hand from a person just like you. Look for opportunities to use what God has blessed you with to be a blessing to other. Ted Camp has always told us that we should do all we can to make ourselves more valuable to others. God used Bob for me, and He can use you for someone else!

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