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Over twenty-five years ago my wife, Terry, and I joined Silent Word Ministries to help reach the Deaf in the Northeast. We have had ministry all over the Northeast. It is a beautiful part of the United States with beautiful forests, and lakes, and even beaches. The best thing about the Northeast is the people. Some of the most loyal, loving Deaf people we have met have their homes in the northeastern states. Many people say that the people who live in the northeast are not friendly at all. We have found the opposite to be true. Many Deaf here appreciate so much when Silent Word holds a special meeting in their area. One Deaf man asked me if we couldn’t please come up to the states in the Northeast at least once a month. I told him that we would love to do that, but that we did not have the time to always come to his state. The truth is that Deaf in the Northeast are very hungry for the Word of God. They would love to have more Bible Studies and more special meetings for the Deaf, and even more interpreters to help them in church.

I want to ask you to pray for the Deaf in the Northeast. We really need more workers. We need more Deaf who are surrendered to serve the Lord and others here. Jesus said that the fields were white, and ready for the harvest; but the people to work to gather the harvest were few. There seem to be many people in different areas who are willing to help reach the Deaf. Here in the Northeast, the workers are few. Jesus told His disciples to pray for help. I am asking you to join me in praying for God to touch the hearts of many people to help us reach the many unreached Deaf in our area of the country. Maybe God has touched your heart to help reach the Deaf. Maybe He is calling you to come and help us. Many years ago, Ted and Carlene Camp came to our area, and asked if some of us might come to help them here. We surrendered to do that, and from January 1, 1999, we have been doing what we can to help the Deaf of the Northeast. We love them, and they have loved us too! It is a great place to serve the Lord. I am asking you to think about coming to help us! If you will pray about it, contact me by clicking here.

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