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I am dedicating this space to tell you the story of some of the Deaf ministries that God is blessing in the Northeast. There are many who say that it is not possible to have a good ministry in the northeastern states. It is true that there are not as many good churches in the northeast states as there are in some of the states to the south, but God is doing a work here, and we rejoice that He is! This article highlights Chris and Diana Harris serving in Solid Rock Baptist Church in Berlin, NJ.

Chris is Deaf and comes from a family where his father and mother are Deaf. He and Diana met at Oklahoma City Baptist College and moved to New Jersey ten years ago with two small babies and a moving truck with all of their possessions. Diana’s mother came to help them move. They arrived at their new home and found that a group from Solid Rock had deep cleaned the house, stocked the kitchen with food and cleaning supplies, and welcomed them with pizza. The high school basketball team unloaded the moving truck within the hour, and the Harrises were ready to settle down for their first night in New Jersey. People often say that the northeast is not friendly. This is not true. Christians all over are loving and kind.

Now it is ten years later, and they have four children. God has blessed and they have a wonderful Deaf Church within the ministry of Solid Rock Baptist Church. Their church hosted the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America (DBFA) last summer, and many attended from all over the country. Chris and Diana were great hosts for this meeting, and everyone was both challenged and encouraged by the meeting. Chris has been invited to speak all over the country. The Lord has greatly used them in other places, but it is a blessing to us in the northeast to see how God is blessing them in their local Deaf Church. Chris is also teaching Deaf students at Vision Baptist College (connected to their church). Diana interprets for their Deaf daughter in the Christian school. This family is a blessing to people in their church and to those of us in the Northeast! Please pray for them.

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