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Saul (from Tarsus) was a Pharisee. He kept the Sabbath, attended synagogue, wore long robes, made long prayers, studied languages, memorized Scripture, gave tithes, gave gifts, ate clean food, avoided sinful people, and thought he was right with God.

On The Road to Damascus: Saul traveled to Damascus with men from Jerusalem. A light from Heaven blinded Saul. He fell to the ground and heard a voice saying: “Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?” Saul said, “Who art thou Lord?” The Lord said, “I am Jesus whom thou persecutest.” Jesus knew that Saul was religious on the outside, but bitter, angry, and hurt on the inside. Saul was like a white-washed grave – full of dead men’s bones.

Repentance (A Change of Mind)
: Saul changed his mind about himself and about Jesus. Saul was a sinner. Jesus was the Savior. Saul repented of his sin and believed on Jesus.

New Life: Jesus forgave Saul. Saul received the Holy Spirit, received his eyesight, and was baptized. Saul became friends with Christians. He began to preach that Jesus is the Son of God. Saul changed from his self-life (anger, wrath, and malice) to God’s Spirit-life (love, joy, and peace). Saul spent the rest of his life loving, helping, and building up (instead of hating, hurting, and tearing down). Today, we know Saul as the Apostle Paul.

Application: To have a Christian marriage, you both need to know that you have repented. Both need to love and obey Jesus. Humble yourself – inside and out! Be real today.

“You Can Never Hide Anger by Good Works.”
Remember—Obey God’s Word—Together!

(Matthew 23, Acts 9, Galatians 5, Philippians 3)

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