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How Many Deaf?

How many deaf, Lord, languish here
Within this island nation?
How many who have never heard
Of Christ and Your salvation?

How many deaf know nothing of
Salvation’s loving story?
How many here in mountains rough
Will never see Your glory?

How many deaf here have no chance
To hear of Christ’s famed passion?
How many here will never know
Your mercy and compassion?

How many deaf will go to Hell
Since none of Christ e’er teach them?
How many sit in church – stone deaf –
Then die since none would reach them?

Too many deaf in Guinea land
Have heard of Jesus never!
Too many still in deafness lie
And, thus, they’ll be forever!

© Written by WDB on February 18, 2020 on a flight between Goroka and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.


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