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How To Use This Weekly Principle Program

By December 14, 2020No Comments

Practice One Principle Each Week for a Year

New Devotion available each Monday at 12:00 AM, beginning 1/1/2021.

These 52 Bible principles were first written for SWM Missionaries to help them teach Bible principles to their families. The missionaries taught them to their families and then proceeded to teach to others as they traveled to different churches and countries. The program was very successful and helpful. Since it was a blessing to our people and others I thought this program should be available to others, especially pastors, missionaries, teachers and families.

Bible principles never become old or out-of-date. Preferences and policies may change but Bible principles never change. You cannot change Bible principles, but Bible principles can change you!

How to use this program – A weekly principle should be read, discussed and taught before all family members or your group. Challenge each one to practice the principle in the coming week. In the next session, review the past principle and have others relate about incidents or results from practicing the principle. It is good to teach and train family members that Bible principles do work.

These are lifelong principles that will not fade or change with time. As you learn Bible principles you can then challenge others to also practice certain principles. These Bible principles are not intended to be used for daily devotions, but to simply practice one principle daily for each week. The purpose is to weekly teach and practice a practical Bible principle. Let the Word of God change you from the inside – out!

Practice One Principle Each Week For A Year

You cannot change Bible principles, but Bible principles can change you!

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