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As I travel through the States for meetings, I think about many Deaf people who are also Christians. I love them and pray for them. My heart’s desire is to also help and encourage them to serve the Lord. Many of them do not read the Bible daily and do not pray to God. Some once served the Lord and have drifted away from God. I enjoy having deaf friends with me as I witness to other deaf people because I want my friends to learn also to be a witness for the Lord. I thank God that some deaf believers are also faithful to serve God but my heart is broken and heavy as some have quit church during this Covid

I remember I got saved when I was young. I knew nothing about the Bible. In a revival meeting, for the first time, I learned about the Word of God from watching the interpreter. After the meeting, the evangelist and his wife (interpreter) were gone, and I was again left alone. I was hungry to learn the Bible. I looked for a church with an interpreter but could not find one. I prayed to God about an interpreter in the church and told Him that I needed to understand the Bible daily. God answered my prayer. Soon a church started a deaf ministry. My heart was full of joy. God heard my prayers. Now I am burdened for other Deaf as me. I want to see them saved, learning the Word of God and serving God. This is my heart’s desire.

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