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“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known” (Luke 12:2). Remember that God is all powerful and has all knowledge. God is in all places at the same time. God never sleeps. God is always present and sees everything at noonand or at midnight. You can hide things from your family and friends, but not from God. Adam hid in the trees. Achan hid stolen garments and money that he could not wear or spend. He was found out. His sin also affected his family as all were stoned. David hid his sin with Bathsheba for one year, but one day Nathan pointed to him and said, “Thou art the man.” Each one learned that sin found them out.

Once in a revival meeting with Ronnie Rice (deaf evangelist) he asked me to stop at a store. He returned with a bag which he quickly put away. He did not tell me what he had bought. That night he was in a hurry to go to bed. We both shared a room with twin beds. Later in the darkness I was awakened by the sound of a bag being ripped opened. Soon I heard him loudly eating potato chips. It seemed hours passed, because you cannot just eat one chip. Finally he ate the last one. Then I heard the closing of the bag, and he gave his famous little pleased laugh. The next morning I said, “I know what you did.” He signed, “What?” I asked him why he did not share his chips. He was surprised and asked, “How did you know?” He is deaf, and he was not aware that I could hear his loud noises. I knew what he did in the darkness because I could hear the loud sound of the bag, him munching chips over and over again, and then his giggling because he thought he had fooled me.

He “deaf”initely proved that you can’t eat just one. He ate the whole bag of chips. He was caught! Learn a great lesson. There are times you can fool others, but you cannot fool God. Even when you think no one knows, don’t forget to look up. No one can fool God – No one! The wheels of God may grind slow but they are still grinding. Achan and David both sadly learned this lesson with regrets. Sin will cost you the things that you love the most. Are you hiding sins at this time? Beware! When you least expect it your sins will be known. “Be sure your sin will find you out” (Num. 32:23). Remember, Achan and David! No one gets away with sin – No one! No one also includes you! Beware! Flee and forsake sin now, before it is too late. One day when you least suspect it, it will happen, someone can sadly say, “I know what you did.” Caught!

Seasonal Statement: What do you have when you take all the meat out of a hotdog – A Hollow-weener! – TC

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