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One of life’s greatest treasures is family. It seems there is a strong bond that is only known within the Christian family.  Loving moments at home make lasting memories. I often say to our family, “I Love US” – Why? Cuz, we are family! I now want to share with you a condensed letter written from aging parents to their children.

“To our Dear Child, On the day when you see us old, weak and weary…have patience and try to understand us…If we get dirty when eating…If we cannot dress ourselves… Please bear with us and remember the times we spent feeding you and dressing you… If we repeat the same things over and over again…Do not interrupt us…Listen to us. When you were small, we had to read to you the same story until you went to sleep…When we do not feel like eating, do not force us.  We know when we need to and when not to eat. When we must walk with a cane…Lend us your hand. The same way we did when you took your first steps…Someday you will realize… we always wanted the best for you and we tried to prepare the way for you. You must not feel sad, angry, or ashamed of having us near you. Instead, try to understand us and help us as we did you when you were young. Help us to live the rest of our days with love and dignity. We will pay you with our immense love that we have always had for you in our hearts. We love you, Your Mom and Dad. (parentswish.com).

Thoughts from children to parents: We never knew the love of parents till we became parents. I loved it when you tucked me in bed, sung me a song and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. I am so thankful for those special times you shared with me. How to respect parents: Let them “often” know you appreciate them. Give them your undivided attention when they speak. Respect them and their views. Give them a kiss as you leave. Always remember your presence means more than your presents.

What families learn: Family values are a reflection of who and what we are as a family. When we live those values, our family learns from our life lessons. Families learn to express themselves, solve problems, grow from mistakes, and develop skills and abilities that lead to a loving lasting fulfilling family life. The family learns to adapt and adjust to each other at each level of life to make a good family a great family. It is true! No matter how far you may roam, there is no place like a good and Godly Christian home (Matt. 7:24-27). So build your home on the rock and not the sand. Remember, “Loving Moments Make Lasting Memories.” So let’s make “moments” to often say to our families, “I Love US.”  

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