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“If They Never See The Light”

Praise God, and since my Saviour bled,
And since my Sovereign died,
I’ll go and do what Jesus said
And take Him as my Guide.

Oh, what loss, Oh, what loss,
If they never see the light,
And if no one takes their burdens all away;
If the heathen die in the gloom of sinful night,
If they never know a single happy day.

See, then, it’s written in His Word,
The workers are so few.
Why do we call the Saviour “Lord,”
But fail His work to do?


Is it not now my daily task
To seek His work to do?
How can it be too much to ask,
When lab’rers are so few?


© Written by Missionary Dan Truax.
May be sung to the tune of “At the Cross.”

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