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“In a Land Far Away”

In a land far away lost souls suffer and die,
‘Neath the lash that the devil controls;
And the demons hold sway as hope withers and dies,
In the hearts of those sin-blighted souls.

So I’ll do as the Saviour commands,
And I’ll go out where evil is rife,
I will go to those sin-blighted lands,
And I’ll give God the days of my life.

Oh, they’ll ever be lost in those sin-blighted lands,
Unless Christians will go, give and pray;
“For as God has sent Me, even so send I you,”
We have heard Jesus pleadingly say.


Unless someone will go, surely they cannot know
That Jesus has died on the tree.
Oh, the cost is too great, if we linger and wait,
To tell them salvation is free.


© Written by Missionary Dan Truax.
May be sung to the tune of “The Old Rugged Cross.”

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