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Deaf Poems

In A Little While

By January 19, 2021No Comments

“In A Little While”

By Beth Woodward

Have you ever stopped to think about,
how awesome it will be,
to say good-bye to this old world,
and step across to Glory?

Sometimes when I think of it,
I really start to smile,
cause I know Jesus is coming,
in just a little while.

My body isn’t perfect,
but one day it will be,
cause Jesus has a new one,
He’s saving just for me.

I know that when I see Him,
He’ll greet me with a smile,
He promised He’d be coming,
in just a little while.

He promised me a mansion,
that’s big , bright and new,
have you ever stopped to think about,
the one He promised you?

Legs that couldn’t walk too straight,
will be all straightened out,
the voices of those who couldn’t speak,
will praise the Lord and shout.

Deaf ears that never heard a word,
will hear the angels sing,
blind eyes that never saw the world,
will see Jesus the King.

I can hardly wait until the day,
when Jesus comes for me,
and all the things He promises,
will become reality.

But, until He comes to get me,
I want to live for Him,
so His light can shine through me,
in a world that’s very dim.

And I hope that when He watches me,
He looks down with a smile,
and says my child, I love you,
and I’ll see you in a little while.

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