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The average person will sleep 229,961 hours, or one-third of their life. (Dr. Google). A king learned there are times God interrupts your sleep with inspired insomnia. “On that night could not the king sleep.” (Esther 6:1). Been there – Done that! I have also had many nights of interrupted sleep. During these spiritual interruptions, do not blame insomnia, indigestion, or irritations. You are more focused on sleep instead of the Lord. All you can think about is returning to sleep. At 2:00 a.m. your fit-bit has bits of fits. 2:30 till restless. 3:00 you become unstill with a sleeping pill. You envy Goldilocks in the bed that was just right. You think of the princess who could not sleep because a pea was under her mattress. You look under your mattress-nothing! You hate Rip Van Winkle. Even “My Pillow” is lumpy. You learn there are not enough numbers on your bed. You hear others snoring in sound sleep. You hear the dripping of the faucet, the tick of the clock, and the creaks of the house. You count sheep, but they are asleep. As you get up to get milk you stub your toe. You sip milk and read a book. The milk is sipped and the book is boring. You are still awake. At 3:35 you go to the bathroom, but not for a bath. All through the house, you are the only creature stirring.

Finally you realize that it was the Lord who interrupted you. You become still and say, “Alright Lord; I will listen to you.” You make notes of His inspirational ideas. When you finish, you drift into deep sleep. When you wake refreshed you mention the night to your wife, especially the 3:35 trip to the bathroom. Then you think, young people never talk about bathroom trips. Then you realize you are really old when you give the exact time you went. During the day you review your inspirational notes. You realize that they were just what you needed for this day. You pause and thank God for inspired insomnia. You now realize that God has the right to interrupt you at any time. The next night you read some sweet sleep verses: “When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet” (Prov. 3:24). “The sleep of a labouring man is sweet” (Eccl. 5:12). Upon this I awaked …and my sleep was sweet unto me” (Jer. 31:26). Slowly you drift off into a deep, sweet sleep. When you awake, you happily say, “Wow! I had sweet sleep last night. Lord thank you for sweet sleep and sweet peace. Also as the king, go ahead, interrupt my sleep with inspired insomnia. I promise I will listen.” As I write, it is late… yawn… aahh… I’m soo sleee-eepy.

Good night, John Boy. Good nite, y’all. Good night, Lord. Hello sweet sleep zzzz!

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