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Deaf Israel Teaching Trip — Taught and Interpreted in ASL

Visit and Learn In


Where Jesus Lived and Taught!

Watch the 2016 ASL Video Tour of Israel with Jon Barr
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April 29 – May 10, 2024

What to BringEntry into Israel (Passport, Health, COVID)

Trip for Deaf People — Hosted by SWM — Jon and Diane Barr*

Come visit the places where Jesus taught in Israel. Visit Galilee. See Bethlehem, the place Jesus was born. Visit Nazareth Village, similar to the place Jesus grew up. Learn the lessons Jesus taught in the places here he taught! You will have time to see the sites AND learn the lessons. We will focus on Bible places and Bible events. We will discuss Bible verses and the events that happened in each place we visit. We will also learn about the many people who have lived in Israel, their ways of building, and more. Deaf people please join us for this special Deaf Teaching Trip in Israel in 2024. – Jon and Diane Barr, SWM

What Will We See?

Current plans include…

Galilee: The teaching ministry of Jesus — Jerusalem: The crucifixion week — A Few Other Places

  1. Caesarea Maritime
  2. Meggido
  3. Beit Shean
  4. Caesarea Philippi
  5. Magdala
  6. Ancient Boat at Ginosaur
  7. Boat Ride
  8. Temple Institute
  9. Bethsaida
  1. Dead Sea float
  2. Mt. of Beatitudes
  3. Korazim
  4. Capernaum
  5. Tabgha
  6. Ancient Synagogue Tiberias
  7. Cana
  8. Nazareth
  9. Baptismal Site
  1. Qumran
  2. Old City Jerusalem
  3. Bar Mitzvahs
  4. Wailing Wall
  5. Temple Mount
  6. Via Dolorosa
  7. Church of Holy Sepulcher
  8. Jewish Quarter
  9. Wailing Wall Tunnel Tour
  1. Mt. of Olives
  2. Gethsemane
  3. City of David
  4. Siloam Pool
  5. Bethlehem
  6. Garden Tomb
  7. Shopping Time

"Visit Israel and you will understand the Bible better."

SWM helps Deaf Christians learn more about the Bible.

You Will….

  • See the places Jesus walked and taught.
  • Learn about New Testament places.
  • Experience the Culture and Food of Israel;
  • Ride a Boat on the Sea of Galilee.
  • Explore Ancient Cities.
  • Visit the empty Garden Tomb.
Temple Where Jesus Taught

“He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay” (Matthew 28:6).

Interpreted in ASL • Bible Lessons by Jon Barr • Professional Israel Tour Guide

View Jon Barr’s 1-Hour Israel Video (Filmed in 2016 with Jon & Diane Barr and Frank & Ursala Rasmussen).

Interested in Deaf Teaching Tour of Israel December 2024? Click Here!

Send Your Deposit or Payments Now!

Deadlines (2023): $500 Registration (Hold your place) • 6/1 $1000 • 8/1 $1000 • 10/1 $1000

Full Balance due January 5, 2024

Limit: 30 People •  Price based on minimum 20 People

What is Included?

  • Round-trip coach-class air travel from the international departure airport (TBA: New York or Chicago) – Each traveller is responsible for costs getting to and from departure airport.
  • All land travel by deluxe air-conditioned motor coach
  • Double-occupancy deluxe hotels (additional fee for a private room)
  • English-speaking Guide – ASL Interpreter – Host Using ASL
  • Daily breakfast and dinner – Breakfast and dinner in the hotel are amazing. Lunch may be provided, depending on tour guide.
  • Water on bus tour
  • Afternoon snacks
  • Entrance fees at all itinerary sites, all tips for tour guides, drivers, and hotel staff, and all entrance/exit fees at border crossings if applicable
  • Foreign emergency insurance (through SWM’s provider)

Cost: $4,550

Monthly Payments Available

Deaf Pastors:

Bring 5 people or more and receive a discount. Contact Jon Barr for more information. Write a note in the registration form below.

Question: How do I reserve a place on the trip?  —  Answer: Send a deposit of $500 or more to Silent Word Ministries now.

Question: What happens if I cancel?  —  Answer: Funds may be refundable until SWM purchases tickets (except for $500 non-refundable deposit).

Question: May I pay by credit/debit card? — Answer: Yes. However, credit/debit card fees cannot be refunded.

Question: Why are checks preferred? — Answer: Cost is figured without credit/debit card transaction fees. These fees cannot be refunded in case of cancellation.

Question: When must I pay?  —  Answer: Send $500 deposit now. As this trip is limited to 30 travelers, fully paid travelers have priority. Deadlines are: 6/1/23 $1000 • 8/1/23 $1000 • 10/1/23 $1000 • Balance $1050 due January 5, 2024, unless special arrangement with SWM. After September 1, please contact Jon Barr for availability.

Question: May I make payments? — Answer: Yes. Early payments accepted. Send checks to SWM. All funds are kept in a designated escrow account.

Question: Is a COVID vaccination needed?  —  Answer: No, not as of March 2023.

This is a non-profit, educational trip. Any excess funds will be used for future mission trips. Jon Barr or SWM does not profit from this trip.

Israel Places