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Israel: Packing List and More

Dead Sea Float
Dead Sea Float – You Cannot Sink!

The SWM Deaf Tour of Israel will be an exciting time. This page will help you plan for comfort and convenience during your tour.


The weather should be nice as in spring. It is good to plan for some rain and cool weather. It is recommended to dress in layers — normal clothes, light jacket, hat, gloves, and even a second, heavier jacket. Bring a personal umbrella (that you can easily pack in a bag) or rain jacket. A light windbreaker is good to have in the evenings.

At the Dead Sea the weather should be warm enough to swim (or float). Bring a modest swimsuit (or covering for your swimsuit). There are dressing rooms to change clothes.

Items to Bring

Good Walking Shoes: Consider tennis shoes, trail-runners, or other wide and flat shoes. The walkways are uneven. Often there is no pavement. You will be touring old, ancient sites which do not have sidewalks. Even the Old City Jerusalem has stone walkways. Good shoes will help you not to fall.

Documents: Take a picture of your passport, vaccination record, drivers license, and other important documents. It is recommended to bring a printed, paper copy of these. You may also want to have a digital copy stored on your phone.

Electronics: Israel uses 220v electricity. Most electronics—phones, tablets, chargers—automatically switch between USA 110v and foreign 220v. Please check the label on your chargers and devices to confirm they can use 220v. Note: A special adapter is required to fit the pole-style plugs in Israel.

Phones: Plan to be disconnected! Most of the time you will not need a phone. We will stay together as a group. If you need a phone, check with your mobile phone carrier about service in Israel. Also, Wi-Fi service is limited at the hotels, so you may not be able to upload or download. During the day, do not plan on being in good phone service areas. SWM will provide an emergency number so your family can contact our tour guide in case of emergency.

Money: Credit cards are accepted in larger shops and restaurants. Cash is better for souvenirs in the smaller shops where we will go. Please ask us if you have questions.

Ideas of Things to Pack

This list will help you consider the things you may need. You may have other special needs. — Check with El Al Airlines for number, size and other information about luggage. Carry-On (17 lbs) | Checked Baggage (50 lbs)

Comfortable shoes

Conservative clothing

Hiking pole

Slippers (in hotel)


Hairdryer (220v)

Electrical adapters

Chargers & Cables

Medicine (as needed)


Hat (collapsible)

Backpack (daily carry)



Laundry soap (?)

Notebook (personal notes)

Spending money (US $)


Water bottle

Snacks for flight and tour

Light Jacket

Umbrella or Rain Jacket

Light gloves (?)


Do you have other questions? Contact Jon Barr.