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January – February 2020 SWM Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Supporters of SWM,

Goodbye 2019 – Hello 2020. Goodbye 365 days, 12 months, 52 weeks, 8,760 hours, and 525,600 seconds. Hello New Year! As I begin this new year, I am reminded that I have been given the gift of existence. A new year and I am still here! You are still there! As we face a New Year, I thought about what others in the Bible could have resolved. Every year some resolutions are made and then quickly broken. Following are some good Bible resolutions for us to make and seek to keep this coming year: I resolve like Noah to live righteously in a wicked world (Gen. 6:8-9). I resolve like Enoch to walk with God (Gen. 5:22). I resolve like Abraham to live by faith (Heb. 11:8-10). I resolve like Aaron & Hur to uphold the hands of my spiritual leaders (Ex.17:12). I resolve like Caleb & Joshua to refuse to let others lead me astray (Num. 4:6-9). I resolve like Joshua that our family will serve the Lord (Josh. 24:15). I resolve like Esther to boldly speak for justice, whatever the consequences (Esth. 4:16). I resolve like Job to trust God when I do not understand His ways (Job 13:15). I resolve like Daniel to continue in prayer (Dan. 6:10). I resolve like John that I will have compassion for those in need (I John 3:17). I resolve like Andrew to try to lead my relatives and friends to the Lord (John 1:40-41). I resolve like Stephen to have a forgiving attitude toward those who hurt me (Acts 7:60). I resolve like Mary to obey God in heartache (Luke 1:38). I resolve like Onesiphorus to be refreshing to others (II Tim. 1:16). I resolve like Luke to be a faithful friend (II Tim. 4:11). I resolve like Paul to forget the past and keep pressing forward (Phil. 3:14). I resolve like Jesus to live for others (John 15:12). I resolve like the Disciples to fulfill the great commission to preach the Gospel and teach the Word of God (Mark 16:15). I resolve like John that I will look forward to the Lord’s return (Rev. 22:20). This past year there was much change, but the good moments and memories remain. “Loving moments make lasting memories.” I resolve that, with God’s help, I personally will seek to make this coming year one of my best years ever! I realize that I cannot change others, but I can change myself. I will remember that the greatest testimony to this world is a changed and consistent Christian life. “Lord, also help me remember what I have resolved throughout this coming year.” Happy New Year! As we say in Trenton, “Have a good-un, Y’all.” (Subscribe: TC Weekly Articles – E-Mail: TC@SilentWord.org)

The year 2019 was another good year spiritually, financially, and physically. We now have 23 mission team members involved in our mission board, and many volunteers. Spiritually, we had 360reported salvations through our 365/12/7/24 varied ministries. Financially, we still remain debt free, and we ended with a plus budget. Every office and ministry need mentioned in our SWM prayer letters was met. We finally finished paving our parking lot, which was our “last hurrah.” One man promised one-half if we could raise one-half. Well, a family helped us raise our half and the need was met. It seems the Lord picks the right person at the right time, all the time. Physically, at this time, everyone is enjoying a measure of good health with no major issues. PTL!

2020 Breaking news! Welcome to a new method of evangelism. We are now facing the new frontier of social media, which has opened many doors of opportunities to reach the deaf worldwide with visual sign language. This type ministry was not possible just a few years ago, but now we are able to reach the deaf worldwide. As radio has been an evangelistic tool to reach hearing people, multimedia is a tool to reach the Deafworld for Christ. We are now professionally producing our first animated Gospel video. Remember, Deaf people listen with their eyes. Please view some of our multimedia ministries: SignTheBible.org – DeafBibleInstitute.org – Follow8Steps.org – DeafVitalSigns.com. We also have help to professionally upgrade our Website. It is amazing what is being done worldwide from small Trenton, Georgia!

On behalf of our ministry and 23 mission team members, we thank you for your prayers and support. The ministry has grown far beyond our expectations. As I look back, I have learned that I did not build this ministry, but this ministry built me. As Paul, “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry” (I Timothy 1:12). Also, on behalf of the many deaf people who have been saved because of your prayers and support, we say, “Thank You.” Because you give, many deaf will hear in Heaven!

We are here to serve,

Ted Camp

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