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Dear Friends of SWM,

Exciting report! In 2020 there were several advances in our unique missionary ministry. Five new missionary “families” were added to the SWM mission team – 3 foreign missionaries, a Deaf church planter, and a youth-focused missionary to the Deaf. SWM online teaching ministry reached out to thousands of people worldwide. SWM again ended the year debt free! There were 129 salvation decisions reported across all areas of our ministry. As the Lord’s coming draws nearer, we continue to move forward and serve the Lord in 2021.

Forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”
– Philippians 3:13-14

Serving Deaf Ministries – As the pandemic continues, we hear of deaf ministries which are scattered and unable to meet in person. Many Deaf people feel lonely, wanting to be near their signing friends. Many fear getting a positive COVID-19 test. In these uncertain times, SWM continues to provide needed Bible studies and deaf ministry helps. Also, our online training and programs help interpreters and Deaf people. Bi-monthly, The Silent Word newspaper reaches thousands of Deaf and hearing people.

Serving with the Gospel – The SWM Evangelism Program has 5 literature programs made available “free” to spread the Gospel – Tracts, Pamphlets, the Deaf Bible Institute, The Silent Word newspaper, and Mission Materials. Special gifts from friends and churches keep this essential program going. Also, David Bennett and Jon Barr continue to develop a new 20-minute animated Gospel video, telling the Gospel story from creation to the cross with unique, colorful, signing “cartoon” characters. SWM’s desire is to tell the Deaf “more about Jesus.” To our knowledge, this is the first time anyone has produced this kind of video.

Serving Missionaries – The Silent Word Mission Board assists our 18 mission team families (total of 30 individuals) “Go into all the [Deaf] world” with the Gospel. SWM provides literature and videos free of charge to fundamental missionaries worldwide, regardless of their mission board. This is God’s ministry, not ours. Pray with us for more missionaries to the Deaf in the USA and worldwide.

Serving the Lord – Silent Word Ministries includes many people – missionaries, volunteers, financial supporters, and prayer partners. In February we will conduct our annual Board of Directors meeting. Our desire is to serve the Lord and spread His Word as we reach forth in 2021. We are not great, but our Lord is! Thank you for partnering with us in this needy mission field!

SWM is in need of a travel van for taking small groups to meetings. Please pray with us about this need. Enclosed is a pamphlet for you, “Free From The Past, Focused on The Future.” Please also read and pray for the SWM Mission Team prayer requests on the back of this letter. We are here to serve,

Jon Barr,
President, Director of Operations

SWM Mission Statement:
“But we will give ourselves… to the ministry of the Word” – to Deaf people worldwide. – Acts 6:4

Please visit SilentWord.org to learn more about our ministry or to donate.

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr praise the Lord for the progress on the animated Gospel video. Jon and David Bennett are investing many hours, editing and evaluating the animation frame by frame. They look forward to sharing it with thousands of Deaf people at the Deaf Nation World Expo later this year.

David and Vicki Bennett are thankful for your prayers and for their recovery from COVID-19. They have continued discipleship of many people from around the world. They also thank God for the opportunity over the Christmas holidays to spend time with several of their children and spouses and their grandchildren. (They now have 11 and another on the way!)

Jim and Terry Bracelin interpret their home church service online, and Jim teaches, films, and posts online Bible studies for the Deaf weekly. They praise the Lord for His faithfulness in meeting their financial needs, in protecting their family from the Coronavirus and through the events of Jim’s dad’s home-going. They also have a young man who has agreed to help with social media. And in 2020, they had 85 people make salvation professions.

Monique Lindsey is thankful for all those who helped design and print her prayer card, display materials, and Heart of Africa prayer letter. In December she presented her burden for Liberia in churches in South Carolina and New York. Three churches have voted to support her, and one of them has already doubled their support!

Ben and Marie Muldoon visited churches in Georgia and Alabama presenting their ministry for Deaf in Romania. Marie was also able to give an update/report of her previous ministry in Honduras.

Allen Snare was excited to preach two Deaf revivals at the end of 2020. One was in the St Louis area, where a Deaf man got saved! The other was a very good meeting in the Chicago area.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider praise the Lord for one Deaf person getting saved, three people preparing for baptism, and one new supporting church!

Bruce and Amanda Stuart praise the Lord for opportunities at the end of last year to help their sending church and pastor with children’s ministries. They also had meetings in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr ask prayer for wisdom in scheduling meetings for 2021. Spring Fantastic Saturdays are set to start the end of February. Please also pray for needy deaf ministries all across the USA who still have only a few, if any, Deaf people attending. Pray for open doors to reach more Deaf people with the Gospel.

David and Vicki Bennett request your prayer for planning an SWMI evangelistic team trip of around 40 people for the 2021 DeafNation World Expo in July. Thousands of Deaf people from around the world should be there, and there is still much work to be done on the signed, animated Gospel video. Please pray for many souls to be saved.

Jim and Terry Bracelin ask prayer for safe travel and wisdom for the Silent Word Board meeting and the Executive Operating Board meeting in February. Please also pray for wisdom in planning meetings and in using social media most effectively in 2021.

Reed and Donna Condra would appreciate your prayers for success in filming video lessons for Deaf people and deaf ministry workers.

JT Gorham, previous SWM intern and now SWM’s newest missionary, needs your prayers for open doors as he begins deputation.

Monique Lindsey asks prayer for the unsaved people of Liberia. Pray also that she will have opportunities to witness while living in the Greenville, South Carolina, area. Please pray especially for the salvation of Caityn.

Bud and Jenna Ring have been asked by some local pastors to make introductory discipleship videos for Deaf people in the Maritimes (Canada) and anywhere there may be a need. Pray as they begin this new avenue of ministry and as they hope to get back on the road for ministry and for visiting supporting churches.

Allen Snare asks prayer for God’s wisdom and power for his ministry so MORE Deaf will be saved and serve the Lord.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart request prayer for a full schedule of deputation meetings in 2021, for full support to be raised by the end of the year, and for the doors to stay open for them to enroll in a French language school in France in January of 2022.

SWM Missionaries needing more support: Tabitha Beam, David Bennett, Jim Bracelin, Reed Condra, Larry Galyen, J.T. Gorham, Monique Lindsey, Ben Muldoon, Bud Ring, Bruce Stuart, Rusty VanDonkelaar, Carrie Whaley, and the SWM home office.

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