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“But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men” (John 2:24). This verse came after Jesus did His first miracles. Many people believed because of what He had done, and not because of Who He was. Jesus knew what was really in their hearts. He knew they were not trusting Him as the Messiah. I remember when our oldest daughter prayed to receive Jesus as her Savior. She was five years old. She then shared with her sister about Jesus. Our second daughter wanted to follow her “big sister.” Two months later, our second daughter wanted to pray. Later when our second daughter was eight years old she had doubt. She had simply copied her older sister. It was after an Easter program at our church that our second daughter truly trusted Jesus as her Savior. Why am I telling this story? Because many doubt if they are truly saved. I too had a moment like this. I went back to the time when I was nine years old when I was at summer camp, and reviewed the time in my mind when I asked Jesus to save me. Tears were flowing down my face as I remembered that precious day. I also remember when I was thirteen years old, standing in a room full of other teens, committing myself to serve God with my life. Go back to your first love with the Lord. Don’t let your love grow cold! Start the fire burning again, and shine bright for the Lord. I praise the Lord for allowing my husband and me to serve the Lord in Deaf ministry. It is so exciting to see a person receive Christ as he sees the truth about His great love for them. His life, death, burial, and rising again for us is wonderful! Jesus knows your heart. Are you fully trusting in Him alone to forgive your sins and give you a home in Heaven? Surrender today! Only He can give you peace and contentment. As a mother, it thrilled my heart to explain to our children (and now our grandchildren) all that Jesus has done for us! Give your heart to Him today.

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