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Have you noticed that God made us all different? Men are different from women. Adults are different from children. Deaf are different from Hearing. Preachers are different from most people in their church. I have had the chance to counsel with some young people preparing to get married. One young man told me that he was afraid to make the commitment to marry a girl he thought he loved. When I asked him about it, he told me that they had different hobbies, and he was worried that this would stop them from having a strong relationship. I told him that my wife and I were very different, and that I was thankful. He looked at me funny, but I was very serious. I love to preach … my wife is very nervous in front of people. My wife sees the best in everyone she meets … I sometimes doubt they are telling us the truth. I love to sit in a tree on a crisp, fall day looking for deer … my wife is shivering if the temperature drops below 70 degrees. The truth is that I sometimes need to see things the way my wife sees them. Sometimes she needs to see things the way I see them. By the way, your church is made up of very different people, who see things differently. That is okay, because God made us all unique. There is one thing that is very important. We must all keep the main thing, the main thing. What does that mean? God makes us all different, but there are some things that should be the same for each of us. The Bible should be the authority for all of us. A burden to see unsaved people see the Gospel should be in all of our hearts. Glorifying God, not ourselves, should be our goal every day. Living apart from sin and having a good testimony should be the behavior of every person. What happens if you have failed in keeping some of these things as the “main thing”? Ask God for forgiveness and commit again to living a changed life that will please God. God gave you something that makes you special. Just remember to keep the main thing, the main thing, and glorify God with your life today!

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