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ASL Video Vocabulary Online

Taught by Jon Barr, CT

Welcome to a time-proven method of beginning to learn American Sign Language! In this 12+ hour course, Jon Barr will guide you through over 800 signs, introduce you to ASL, and give you unique ways to remember the signs you learn. Jon’s encouraging and often humorous presentation provides an interesting insight to the language of Deaf people in the USA.

What Is In The Course?

  1. ABC’s – The ASL Manual Alphabet
  2. 123’sNumbers 1 to 1,000,000
  3. Over 12 Hours of Instruction
  4. Over 800 ASL Signs
  5. 10 Lessons with Review and Practice Sentences
  6. Student Manual PDF (Download)
  7. Printed Student Manual Available in Store
  8. ASL Grammar – Brief Insights and Hints
  9. Memory Devices for Many of the Signs
Get It Here!

Link to: SilentWord.vhx.tv (Vimeo)

View Online or Download

Easy To Learn Method

  • ASL Signs are numbered to correspond with the Student Manual.

  • Jon Barr shows easy ways to remember many of the signs.

  • Student Manual helps students review signs.

  • The presentation is informal, using humor and a conversational style.

  • This course is Jon’s traditional class, taught for more than 30 years in churches throughout the USA.

Sample Content

Let SWM help YOU learn American Sign Language!

Learning ASL is a lifelong process. Correctly producing ASL signs is an important first step. This course helps beginning ASL students learn how to properly form signs, demonstrates signs from several angles, and leads students to a basic signing vocabulary.

SWM also provides more advanced ASL training in our annual summer ASL Institutes in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Watch for past ASL Institute workshops to be posted.

More Information

About the Author: Jon Barr began learning ASL in 1976. He has served as pastor to the Deaf and a missionary to the Deaf World since 1984. In 1998 he became certified through the RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf). Jon has successfully taught this course in scores of churches all throughout the USA, producing hundreds of new signers.

About ASL Video Vocabulary: Jon Barr’s first video sign language course was self-produced on VHS tape and filmed in a back room of a church in the mid 1990’s. In 1997, he produced the first professionally edited, 3-hour version of ASL Video Vocabulary. Later the VHS was converted to DVD. Over 5,200 beginning ASL students have used this course.

About the NEW ASL Video Vocabulary: This updated version of the course is now viewable online, and includes a PDF and printed student manual. This course is a totally new, 10+ hour presentation (with many of the same jokes – smile), filmed at Silent Word Ministries in Trenton, Georgia in 2022. Many signs have been upgraded from the original presentation. SWM is excited to offer this new version of Jon’s traditional and successful ASL course for beginners.

Prefer DVDs?

  • The old, 3-hour, DVD set is available upon request by contacting SWM at 706-657-8000.
  • The old printed student manual is no longer available.
  • The new student manual is similar to the old, but not exactly the same.