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Many think that the words, “God helps them that help themselves” are in the Bible. However, this was actually written by Benjamin Franklin. There are times in life in which your cannot help yourself. You need help. Let the Lord help. There are some things you cannot overcome or fix by yourself. There are some things you did not cause and you cannot cure by yourself. There are some things that happen and your life will never be the same again.

During these times we need to learn that we cannot do it for ourselves. Learn God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.  Learn to pray, “God, do for me what I cannot do for myself.” For those you are concerned about, pray, “Lord, Do for them what they cannot do for themselves.”  Let the Lord help. When you face your Red Seas He can part the waters for you (Psa. 78:13). When you are wandering in your wilderness, He can provide manna and meat (Psa. 78:24). When you are in a wasteland without water, He can open a stream from a rock (Psa. 78:16). When you are confused not knowing which way to go He can lead you with a cloud or a light of fire (Psa. 78:14). When you face your walls of Jericho, He can tear down that wall (Josh. 6:20). When you walk into the land of giants, He can fight your battles for you (Josh. 13:13; I Sam. 17:49). When you cross over into the unknown of Caanan, He can prepare the way before you (Josh. 14:1).  Dear friend, If you are without Christ, you are also without hope. You cannot save yourself. God can do for you what you cannot do for yourself. He can save you. If you simply believe and receive Christ as your Saviour (John 1:12), God can change your life. He can do for you what you cannot do for yourself (2 Cor. 5:17).

Christians, in Hebrews 11 He did for them what they could not do for themselves. He did it for them and He can do it again for you. So, when we are faced with overpowering and overwhelming circumstances, and situations there is help. Let the Lord help. Pray, “Lord please do for me what I cannot do for myself.”  He is able to work all things together for your good and His glory (Rom. 8:28). So, let’s learn to let the Lord help!

Timely Thought:  As long as you have hope you can cope – TC

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