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Deaf Related Links

For Your Information and Reference

Disclaimer: SWM does not endorse other sites or ministries in reference to morals, philosophy, scientific content, theology, or Biblical separation. SWM Articles of Faith

Deaf Ministry Sites

  • Bill Rice Ranch – Summer camps (for deaf and hearing)
  • DBFA – Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America
  • DBLR – Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat – Independent Baptist churches host Deaf Ladies Retreats throughout the United States in October just before Columbus Day.
  • D.E.A.F. Inc – Deaf Evangelism And Fellowship, Inc. is a fundamental, evangelical organization concerned with propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Deaf as revealed in the Scriptures.
  • Deaf Ministries Connection – List by Earl and Shirley Wilbers. Deaf Ministries Connection focus is on connecting people. The goal is for people to find Deaf Ministries easily.
  • Deaf World Missions – A blog about Deaf missions.
  • Directory of Deaf Churches/Ministries – A list maintained by Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church, Silver Spring, Maryland.
  • Harvest Deaf Ministries – Deaf school (Pre-K through college) and church in Ringgold, Georgia.
  • ReachTheDeaf.com – Equipping, Encouraging and Engaging Christian Leaders to Reach the Deaf, Joe Kotvas & Cody Holland
  • Romans’ Road For the Deaf – A group of deaf people who travel to Deaf Expos, Fairs, and Festivals, sharing the Gospel.

Non-deaf Ministries

  • Living Waters – Ray Comfort – Tracts and Other Helps in the Area of Evangelism.
  • Firm Foundations – New Tribes Material for Chronological Bible Study; Highly Recommended for Deaf Around the World & for Others.
  • Answers in Genesis – Answers about creation
  • E-Sword Download- fast and effective way to study the Bible

Organizations for the Deaf

Other Helpful Deaf Resources

Non-Deaf Resources

(These resources are unknown to SWM. Please advise if you have concerns or questions.)

Technology for Ministry and More

  • OpenDNS – leading provider of free security and infrastructure services that make the Internet safer through integrated Web content filtering, anti-phishing and DNS. OpenDNS services enable consumers and network administrators to secure their networks from online threats, reduce costs and enforce Internet-use policies. OpenDNS is used today by millions of users and organizations around the world.
  • Free Computer Operating Systems – As some of you know, Jon Barr prefers Linux to Windows (any version). In Fantastic Saturdays, that is the system he uses.
    • Ubuntu requires a more modern computer. It is is a moderngreat-lookingsecure, easy-to-use operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops.
    • Linux Mint can be run on both new and older computers, and may be the easiest Linux operating system for beginners.
    • Read more about other FREE Linux-based operating systems