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There is something that I think about every day … How can I make a difference in someone else’s life today? We have all experienced more and more limits on how we can meet people and even how we can fellowship. In our area we are not able to eat inside “fast food” restaurants, and only a few “normal” restaurants are open. We cannot go to a sports event. Many entertainments are shut down. We are thankful we can go to church! All these limits make it difficult to do the things we normally did. We had to cancel meetings because of COVID. As I think about all these limits, I am reminded that God is not limited. I must do all I can to make a difference in the lives of others in ways that are different than what I “normally” would be able to do. Consider the story of Jesus teaching in Peter’s boat. When He finished, He told Peter to push out a bit deeper and to throw out his nets. He did not tell him to throw out one net, but to throw out his nets (more than one). Peter doubted that Jesus, a carpenter, knew about fishing, and only dropped one net. There were so many fish in that one net that Peter needed to call others to help them. The fish almost sank both ships! I want to be sure I don’t think of only one way to make a difference in the lives of others. We have increased our video ministry through Facebook and YouTube. Check out SignTheBible.com and Silent Word Facebook page! During this time, we are trying to make ourselves more valuable. I look for ways to make myself valuable to others. I shovel snow, volunteer help, and seek to make myself useful. We give tracts wherever we go and even put some in our bills when we pay. Silent Word has free tracts! Order some today, and let’s do what we can. As the Lord told Peter to use more nets and get more fish, I want to also use more nets and get more results. God is still working, and so am I. Join with me and let’s make ourselves even more valuable during these limited times.

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