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Dear SWM Friends,

Annual SWM Inc. Board Meeting: Recently in our annual Board meeting, I made the statement, “To adjust is a must!” This is true every day we live, but it is especially important in these days of social isolation. I also mentioned that as a coach for many years, I was never interested in hearing an excuse about why a player did not do what he was trained to do. I stated, “Losers make excuses, and winners make adjustments.” Just like each of you, we have been making adjustments to keep our ministry going forward. We don’t waste time complaining about our limitations, but we adjust to our situation. We believe God is in control and that He has a greater plan for our ministry through these times of adjustment. We adjusted and improvised. It worked! We thank the Lord for the good board meeting. We reported another year that SWM remained debt free. God has blessed us with wonderful supporters like you, who help make our ministry possible. One can do much, many can do much more!

Annual EOB Meeting: Our SWM Board meeting is always followed by three days of EOB (Executive Operating Board) transitional planning, sessions, inspiration, and fellowship. The EOB includes Jon & Diane Barr, Frank & Ursala Rasmussen, and Jim & Terry Bracelin. Ted Camp, our founder, oversees and teaches these two annual meetings. At these meetings we discuss future plans, as well as how to make a smooth transition. Again, we are always making adjustments, but be sure that our ministry remains true to our foundation. Ted Camp says, “What I know, you will know.” We talked about the importance of SWM serving churches, deaf ministries, missionaries, and the SWM mission team family. To put it simply, “If you minister to deaf people we are here to serve you.” This has been the desire of our worldwide ministry since 1966.

Liberia Deaf School

SWM Ministry Reports: We praise the Lord that ministry opportunities are now opening to us again. Please pray for us as we again conduct deaf ministry Fantastic Saturdays. We have already conducted FS meetings in Florida and Georgia! We are praying for continued open doors for these special annual meetings. We are also excited that David Bennett (SWMI) and Mark Coleman (SWMI Executive Committee member and deaf pastor) are now in Liberia, West Africa, making pastors aware of the spiritual needs of the Deaf people in their country. Also, this summer a group is headed to the Deaf Nation World Expo in Las Vegas. Thousands of Deaf from all over the world are expected at this event. Please pray as a SWM team of thirty-plus will be there to be a Gospel witness. Three ASL Institutes are scheduled this summer for Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Good News! Funds have been made available for SWM to produce a first-time, animated Gospel video in Sign Language. Available soon!

As always, we appreciate your prayers and your support for SWM and for our SWM mission team members. (Praise and prayer reports are on the back page.) We realize that God controls all that is happening. He has a plan for us today and for the future. Please pray for God to open doors for us and for us to go through those doors by faith. Paul wrote, “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries” (1 Corinthians 16:9). There are great doors opened to us, but there are also adversaries. Please pray for us as we attempt to inform, involve, and impact the lives of others. Our goal is to EVANGELIZE the Deaf world and EDIFY deaf ministries for the glory of God.

We are here to serve,
Jim Bracelin, Executive Vice President
(Director of Outreach Ministries)

Please visit SilentWord.org to learn more about our ministry or to donate.

Praying Hands

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr thank the Lord for two Fantastic Saturdays already this spring. In Florida, there were 49 people – 25 deaf, 24 hearing. In Trenton, Georgia, there were 89 people – 35 deaf, 54 hearing. In both meetings, Dr. Fred Adams and the Sword Deaf Baptist College choir presented special music. JT Gorham, our newest SWM missionary was involved, and he brought a new level of excitement to the meetings. Many others from the SWM team joined in Trenton to make a very packed and encouraging day. Praise the Lord for a total of 29 churches represented and 18 people who made service decisions!

Nicole Condra is continuing her classes in the Romanian language with a tutor. She also has a lady from the church who is helping her weekly to converse in regular daily conversation. Recently, the Lord prompted her to witness to her Uber driver. God used her limited Romanian and the driver’s limited English, and she was able to communicate the Gospel. As she obeyed, God used her weakness!

Reed and Donna Condra praise the Lord for several salvation decisions in their home church recently. The Lord seems to be moving on the hearts of young couples. Also, Reed has developed a power-point outline for teaching through the Old Testament. This could be a help in teaching Highlights of the Old Testament (offered through SWM).

Monique Lindseyis grateful to the Lord for a Christian friend who helped shoot and edit a video of God’s work in Liberia so she could virtually present her ministry to a church missions conference in New York. Also, recently a former graduate of Hidden Treasure Christian School, Joy, traveled with Monique to meet members of the SWM Board at the annual board meeting. While there, they visited Carlene Camp’s Sunday School class and presented the ministry in Liberia. The class decided to prayerfully and financially support this ministry! Also, Monique is thankful to see spiritual growth in a lady she is discipling.

Ben and Marie Muldoon had several meetings in Maryland. Many of these were updating and presenting planned future ministry to churches who already support them. One was a virtual presentation and another was a drop-in visit that led to an invitation to go back and present their ministry. They are building many relationships with pastors, leaders, laymen, and young people as they continue to raise their support.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider are looking forward to revival services with Allen Snare soon. They also report another visitor came to their church recently. They were able to share their ministry update in a missions conference in Illinois.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart praise the Lord for a supporting church increasing their support. They also just “dropped in” to a church service and were asked to present their ministry and preach. They are excited to have some ministry supplies already packed and ready for transit overseas.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr ask prayer for the remaining spring Fantastic Saturdays. Pray especially for unsaved people to be present, to hear the Gospel, and to accept Christ as Savior. In April, they will also be involved in the revival services of a supporting church.

David and Vicki Bennett ask prayer for David and for Mark Coleman (SWMI Executive Committee member and Pastor to the Deaf) as they minister in Liberia. There has already been one person saved, and they are praying for many more. Please pray for strength and for the Lord to lead them to the right people at the right times and places.

Reed and Donna Condra need your prayers for health and strength, especially for full recovery from a recent lingering sickness.

Monique Lindsey requests prayer for the days of instruction left for her at Hidden Treasure Christian School. She is also in need of funds for two different mission trips this year. A survey trip is planned for Liberia in May. She will also meet with the church-planting missionaries and national pastors while there. The financial need is $4,000. Monique also plans to be a part of the SWMI evangelistic team going to DeafNation World Expo in July. The financial need for this trip is $2,200. If you would like to give to these needs, please send donations to SWM, designated “Lindsey – Mission Trip.”

Ben and Marie Muldoon request prayer for traveling mercies and open hearts as they travel to meetings. Pray for more churches and individuals to join in supporting them financially and with prayers.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart desire your prayers concerning language school. The doors seem to be closing for school in France, but opening for study in the Ivory Coast. Please pray also for upcoming meetings in New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. They also need more meetings scheduled. Pray for them to be able to get Belle’s (their daughter’s) passport.

Many from the SWM Team request prayer for the DeafNation mission trip in July. Please pray for God to bring the right team together, for His working in the hearts of team members and those attending the expo, for boldness in giving out God’s Word, for many souls to be saved, and for the signed, animated Gospel video to be completed in time for the event. SWM Mission Team Members planning to be a part of this evangelistic outreach include David & Vicki Bennett, Jon Barr, Tabitha Beam, Larry & Diana Galyen, Monique Lindsey, Ben and Marie Muldoon, Bruce and Amanda Stuart, and Carrie Whaley.

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