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Dear SWM Friends,

When I began writing this letter, I realized that I am doing the same as Paul did in the beginning days of missions. As I am writing to you, he wrote to the church of Philippi informing them of his travels and encouraging them to continue until the Lord returns (1:8). He closed with, “For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity. Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account. But I have all, and abound: I am full, having received of Epaphroditus the things which were sent from you… a sacrifice acceptable, wellpleasing to God. But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus…” (Phil. 4:16-20). Notice the pronouns “My God – Your need.” He is not saying that God will supply my need, but your need. He promises that as you, a church or supporter, supply the need of a missionary that God will supply “your” need. This program continues to this day. So I can say as Paul, Thank you for your prayers and support to this ministry and our missionaries. As you supply our needs, the Lord supplies your need according to His riches in glory. Paul stated that the church in Philippi supplied his need, but many churches did not, No church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but ye only” (4:15). Then I thought, “What if no church or no supporter gave? Missions would cease to exist.” I calculated it requires a minimum of 75 monthly supporters to supply the minimum needs of one missionary. Thank you for being one of those supporters.

God’s mission program involves five areas: (Philip & Eunuch – Acts 8:26-40) (1) Sinner (Eunuch) who needs to be saved. (2) Spirit sees and sends someone to the sinner. (3) Servant (Philip) who is qualified to preach and teach to him in his language and culture. (4) Scriptures equip the servant to preach and teach to them. No one is saved without the Gospel (Rom.1:16). (5) Supporters who make it possible for sent servants to GO into all the world. This is the plan of God. There is no plan B. This program is only possible because of supporters who make it possible for sent servants to GO into all the world. I can say again, as Paul, to our supporters, “My God shall supply all your need.” Where God guides He provides. The world is in darkness – Don’t let the light go out!

Ministry reports: Our meetings are being opened again! During COVID we improvised and stayed very busy writing, printing, filming, and producing via social media. It was amazing, because Deaf people listen with their eyes, we reached thousands. Social media became a means of reaching multitudes. Some have been saved because of Covid. Naturally, some states and countries remain closed while some are open. So, we minister as, and when we can. Jon Barr conducted six Fantastic Saturdays this spring, while Jim Bracelin in the Northeast remained shut down. But if you know Jim, you know he stayed very active in ministering to the Deaf world. David Bennett is putting the GO in the Gospel, making special trips to Liberia and other countries. In fact, he and a team are in Liberia as you read this letter. Bruce and Amanda Stuart report that the door to Gabon seems closed for them at this time. However, they are transitioning their ministry to Liberia and are looking forward to their first three-year term as missionaries to the Deaf there. Their goal is to arrive there in January (more support still needed). During this time, our online ministries and Deaf Bible Institute had much growth. This year we have had 31 professions of faith reported. We are looking forward to a busy summer with three SWM ASL Institute conferences, and SWM missionaries continuing deputation, assisting in Christian deaf camps, and much more.

Again, as Paul, I can say, you are faithfully supporting and praying for our unique ministry to the Deaf world. Thank you also for supplying the needs of our 30 mission team members. As you supply our needs, God promises He will also supply your need in Christ Jesus.

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  • Please also read and pray for the SWM Mission Team prayer requests on the back of this letter.

We are here to serve,

Ted Camp, Founder

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Praying Hands

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr were privileged to teach Sign Language to over 20 people in a recent week-long community Sign Language class. They both are also involved in discipling or having Bible studies with Deaf individuals.

Tabitha Beam is thankful to have been involved in a missions meeting in Milledgeville, Georgia. She enjoyed sharing the needs of the Deaf world with the church. Many people said they were unaware of the need for missionaries to Deaf people.

David Bennett and Mark Coleman (Pastor to the Deaf in Illinois) report that during their mission trip to Liberia, there were 14 salvation professions! They were involved in the dedication of a boys’ dormitory for the new Deaf school and saw progress on the girls’ dormitory. They taught, preached in a ladies’ conference and a Deaf evangelistic crusade, challenged many with the need for Deaf ministry, had radio interviews, counseled several Christian leaders, and discussed plans for another Deaf school in a different area of Liberia. Praise to the Lord!

Jim and Terry Bracelin praise the Lord for the opportunity for Jim to teach and Terry to interpret a Wednesday night Bible Study series at their home church for 7 weeks. (These can be seen on Silent Word North East’s facebook.) When Jim preached in a Good Friday service, three people were saved! They are also thankful for the safe birth of their 11th grandchild, Xavier Ekow Lartey, born to Lawrence and Amanda (Bracelin) Lartey.

Larry and Diana Galyen had a busy time of handing out tracts and presenting the Gospel at the North Florida State Fair. They report that altogether there were numerous salvation decisions, and they were pleased to be a part of that ministry outreach.

JT Gorham reports that he has been able to present his ministry and preach to Deaf and hearing people all over the country! Since January he has traveled over 12,500 miles for the purpose of raising support and preaching the Gospel!

Monique Lindsey gives praise for the wonderful missions conference she was a part of in Erie, Pennsylvania. When several from the conference went door-to-door soulwinning, 3 souls were saved! The church there also plans to support Monique. May 14th was Monique’s last day of teaching at Hidden Treasure Christian School, where she had taught for 14 years. She is grateful for the other teachers and the students who have taught her so much.

Ben and Marie Muldoon are very excited to announce the birth of their first child. Serenity Elena, was born on May 17th and all are doing well. They are grateful for your prayers.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart are thankful for the opportunity to present their ministry at 6 churches in 3 states during April. After much prayer, consideration, and counsel, they have announced their transition to the mission field of Liberia, Africa, where they will serve with the growing SWMI mission team. Their financial support goal has been adjusted downward due to the lower cost of living in Liberia.

Carrie Whaley reports the special privilege she had recently of leading her 10-year-old niece to Christ. Please pray for Hollie as she continues to ask questions and grow in the Lord.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr ask prayer for the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America (DBFA) in June in Atlanta. Jon, Ted Camp, Allen Snare, and Jim Bracelin will all be speaking, and Jon will be leading music as Deaf people from all across America come together for the conference.

Jim and Terry Bracelin request prayer for meetings coming up in New Jersey and Rhode Island. They will also be involved in a Deaf Retreat in upstate New York and in the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America in Atlanta, Georgia.

David and Vicki Bennett ask for safety and wisdom for each team member on the Liberia Mission trip, and for God’s power in their lives and testimonies as they witness. Please pray for Vicki during David’s absence.

Reed and Donna Condra need your continued prayers for recovery from some serious health issues.

JT Gorham needs your prayer as he has many deputation meetings coming up. He will also be preaching for several Deaf and hearing camps during the summer.

Monique Lindsey will be shooting footage for a future video presentation while on her survey trip in Liberia. Please pray for clear days to film. (It is rainy season there.) Her desire is to return to Liberia where, through Christ, she will reach the Last, the Least, and the Lost.

Ben and Marie Muldoon ask prayer for wisdom in rearing their baby daughter, Serenity Elena, and for knowing exactly the best time to begin traveling again in deputation meetings.

Allen Snare is looking forward to speaking for several weeks of Deaf camp during the summer. Please pray for Deaf and hearing people to understand and get saved.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart request prayer for upcoming meetings and for open dates in the summer and fall to be filled. They are now at 68% promised support and need to get only 32% more. (17 churches at $100 each would take care of this need!) Please pray for this additional support to be raised soon so they can be on the field by January 2022.

Carrie Whaley asks prayer for her deputation calendar to fill up. She currently has 3% of her promised support and is looking forward to the ministry of full-time deputation. Please also pray for her father who is scheduled for surgery on his neck in June to take care of a bone spur that is affecting his breathing and swallowing.

SWMI Mission Team in Liberia – Several SWMI missionaries are currently on a month-long mission trip in Liberia, Africa. Please pray for David Bennett, Monique Lindsey, Carrie Whaley, and other team members as they preach, teach, survey the field, and prepare for more effective ministry there with a Christian Deaf and Special Needs school. They are praying specifically for safety, open doors, meetings with national pastors and missionaries, and for souls to be saved.

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