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(Note: This is a continuing series of articles about Special Needs Deaf (SND) — Deaf people who need special teaching methods.)

  1. Repeat, repeat, and repeat again
    Reviewing is very important. They must understand your teaching as you teach. If they do not understand or do not remember, new information will be misunderstood or forgotten.
  2. Review last week’s lesson. Do not start a new lesson without first reviewing the last one. It is good to review several lessons to be sure they remember.
  3. Review the current lesson as you teach it. Teach a certain section, then review it. Teach a new section, then review that, too. Example for teaching the creation day 3: First teach about the third day. Then review what God made on the third day. (Also start at the beginning and review all the days before starting on a new day.)
  4. Briefly review the main teachings at the end of the lesson.
  5. Continue reviewing until most people remember it.
  6. Involve the students in the review using a game or a contest.

    Numbered outline. For example:
    1.God make light and dark. 2.God make sea and sky., etc.
    Numbered outlines seem easier to understand and remember. In preaching, I number the main points, then continue to review each.
  7. All sin 2.Hell 3.Jesus die cross 4.Believe Jesus saved

    Fill in the blank. Use this for both written and signed reviews. For written reviews, just write your teaching on the board and leave one-word blank. Write the first letter of the word to give a clue as to the right word. As for signed reviews, I tell the deaf, “I am old, and I forget things. Please help me remember.” I then sign a verse or an outline. When I come to the word I want them to tell me, I stop and act like I cannot remember. The deaf then tell me the right word.

    Games and Quizzes. Divide the class in two or three groups. (by boy/girl or by dividing the room into 2 or 3 parts.) Then ask questions and see who can answer the most questions. You can even give out small prizes to the winning side.

    Picture review. Show pictures from the lesson and say, “Who is this? What is this? What happen?” You can also mix up the order of the story and see if they can put the pictures in the right order. (Example: Mix up the creation story pictures to see if they can arrange the pictures by order of the creation day.)

    Remember: Review, review, review until they understand. – More Next Time

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