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I remember my missionary trip to preach in a Deaf Camp in Haiti. I remember going to Haiti to preach to the Deaf Camp many years ago. There were very nice deaf campers. I cannot remember how many campers, but there was a good group. I saw the deaf boys/men loved to play soccer so much.
The country was fighting with problems with Christians and missionaries. So for my protection when I slept alone in the room, I had three hearing men who slept outside my door to watch and guard me from harm. I preached to the campers about the Gospel of Christ and God’s Word. Praise God! I remember that 10 deaf souls got saved. I thank God that they protected my life from the other people. I saw people in many places. They were very poor. I was really burdened for their lost souls. I thank God that some missionaries serve the Lord for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Yea! I enjoyed preaching to the Deaf campers and fellowshipping with them.

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