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My meetings were canceled from March to this May because of Coronavirus. But I praise the Lord that I can preach on Facebook Live to the Deaf every Sunday at 9 AM (Search Facebook: Allen Snare). I preach in Sign Language without a voice interpreter. I also share preaching times (with Jon Barr, Ted Camp, and Jim Bracelin) on SWM Facebook Live Wednesday nights at 7 PM. There I preach with a voice interpreter. I thank God for the “Online Ministry” using Facebook Live. AMEN!!! I am surprised that hundreds of people share the videos, and thousands of people view these videos online.

Please pray to God for my meetings this summer with Deaf Camps, Bill Rice Ranch, Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America, ASL Institute & Deaf Bible Conference, SWM Retreat and Revival Meetings. I am ready to preach, but I must wait until doors open. I trust the Lord that He knows best. I am praying for Deaf people who need to know about the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and God’s Word. While I wait, I work and stay busy printing and helping at SWM.

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