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First, I want you to know what I know in teaching deaf people. One year I traveled to 15 state Deaf schools and talked to the leaders and sat in many classrooms. In those pre-mainstreaming days, I noticed that the teaching methods greatly varied from state to state. In Michigan I learned a great lesson from the Flint School for the Deaf. The principal simply told me that you cannot categorize Deaf people by saying, “All deaf people are….” Deaf people are individuals with different backgrounds, education, and understandings. He stated, “Learn the level of the deaf person, then teach until he understands.” Well, how do you learn the Bible level of deaf people before you. I simply ask Bible questions and as they respond I learn their level. Do not ask “yes” or “no” questions but ask questions that require a response of knowledge. As they respond, you learn their level. The goal is to bring them to understanding the Gospel. Always realize that no one is saved without the Gospel – No one! (Rom. 1:16). This Bible Question Series begins with 100 Bible Questions for you to ask to learn their level of understanding the Bible. (Note: SWM pamphlets are free as the Lord provides. A SWM pamphlet listing will be enclosed with your order.) An RID student in New York said to me, “I am not interested in what you say or your opinions, but what do the Scriptures say?” (Note: We showed her and she was saved!) As you teach each series, ask questions. After they respond, simply say, “What do the Scriptures say?” Then read what the Scriptures say! It Works!

This Bible Question Series begins with 100 Bible Questions to ask your students. As they respond, you learn their levels of Bible knowledge. Then teach them to their next level. A student in school goes from the third grade to the fourth grade. You should also take them to the next levels until they reach spiritual maturity. Learn that no one can spiritually grow without the Word of God – No one! (1 Peter 2:2). Fellowships are good, but pizzas cannot solve sin problems. One of the greatest needs in deaf ministries is to study the Scriptures and learn sound Bible doctrine that produces strong Christianity. The world conforms us, but the Word transforms us (Rom. 12:1-2). Remember, the purpose of our existence is to evangelize the Deaf world and edify deaf ministries.

Each packet includes all seven student pamphlets. (Request number students in your group.) The series includes basic doctrines, charts, questions & answers plus (1) teacher pamphlet and (1) pamphlet listing all “free” SWM (75) pamphlets. Teach each series until it is understood.
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