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| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, The Written Word | No Comments
Christmas time is a time to give gifts. This Christmas issue I want to offer you our friends and readers the greatest gift ever given and ever known. We’ve offered…

Prepared for Ministry

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, Think On These Things | No Comments
“Shew me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths. Lead me in thy truth, and teach me.” – Psalms 25:4The Lord prepares His servants for each step of ministry.…

Highlighting Northeast Deaf Ministries

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, Reaching Out | No Comments
This issue I want to highlight a special deaf worker. You will see him in this picture as he received our latest SWM "Servants Award." We enjoy honoring God's faithful…

Oh No! How Do You Sign Christmas Hymns?

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, Finger Tips | No Comments
Interpreting Christmas songs and hymns into ASL is a challenge for even the most skilled interpreters. Without being disrespectful, and just playing with the words as interpreters tend to do,…

A Promise We Can Depend On

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, Because I Care | No Comments
What is a Promise? A promise is an assurance given that one will or will not do something; a pledge. A promise is only as good as the person who…

Deaf Can Break Bad Habits

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, The Deaf Can | No Comments
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Philippians 4:13). God wants you to live right and do right. God wants you to break and quit bad habits…

5G Football Helmet for the Deaf

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, Did You Know? | No Comments
Condensed from HearingReview.com – AT&T and Gallaudet University collaborated to develop a 5G-connected football helmet, designed to make the game more inclusive by enhancing on-field communication for student-athletes who use…
What's Up?

What’s Up?

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, What's Up | No Comments
What's Up? SWM’s Missionaries to the Deaf, Bud & Jenna Ring and their daughters (CANADA), while visiting supporting churches in Alabama, helped SWM with landscaping and other important needs for…

Put-Down or Build-Up?

| "The Bible Teacher", "The Silent Word" Newspaper | No Comments
Saul of Tarsus changed from loving self—to loving Jesus. He changed from putting others down—to building others up. How? Putting Others Down: A self-centered person must have others around him.…

Important Ideas for Interpreters

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, Finger Tips | No Comments
I have been interpreting, teaching, and preaching in sign language both in the USA and in other countries since 1976. Over the years I have learned many principles which have…

Highlighting Northeast Deaf Ministries

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, Reaching Out | No Comments
A number of years ago, we conducted a Fantastic Saturday meeting in Concord, New Hampshire. The church hosted the FS for two years. The first year, I met a man…

God’s Still Working On Me

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, Because I Care | No Comments
Literally, I have been attending church all my life. I have heard many hundreds of Bible sermons. From a child, I was taught the Holy Scriptures by some very special…

What Means Bible Words

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, My Heart's Desire | No Comments
LEAVEN - Leaven was used the same as yeast in baking dough. It caused fermentation, souring and corruption. Leaven was forbidden in the OT (Gen. 19:3; Ex. 12:8; Lev. 2:11).…

Construction Underway … in India and Liberia!

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, Silent Word Ministries International | No Comments
SWMI and you, our supporters, are helping to construct housing for trainees of future deaf ministries worldwide. Both outside and inside walls are up and are now being plastered. We…

Methods to Help Special Needs Deaf People (SND)Understand the Word of God

| "The Silent Word" Newspaper, Deaf Missions in the Philippines | No Comments
(Note: This is a continuing series of articles about Special Needs Deaf (SND) — Deaf people who, for one reason or another, need special methods to teach them.) Story Actions…

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