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Dear Friends of SWM,

It has been our privilege to serve the Lord with you in this unusual year! “The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.” (Psalms 126:3). Rejoice with us as we share these blessings from 2020! This is fruit that abounds to your account (Philippians 4:17).

  • Salvation Decisions – 115 (through October) in all areas of our ministry.
  • Three new SWM International MissionariesMonique Lindsey (Liberia), Ben and Marie Muldoon (Romania/Europe), and Carrie Whaley (Liberia).
  • One new SWM Deaf MissionaryJ.T. Gorham has been in training at SWM and has now been approved as our newest missionary. J.T. is hard-of-hearing/deaf, and has a great burden for reaching the Deaf “next generation” for Christ.
  • Eagle Soar Deaf Ministry Training – 33 Episodes produced – over 7,000 followers
  • Deaf Bible Institute – 6 Salvation Decisions – 1654 All-time Enrollment – 108 Deaf People Studying Online – These courses are offered free of charge for Deaf people.
  • Literature – SWM has over 400Deaf ministry resourcesavailable, including booklets, manuals, and tracts. Most have been produced at SWM and 291 arePDF downloads.
  • Pandemic – We have been very fortunate at the SWM office. Some have been infected, but no one has become sick. Our traveling team has been affected, but report they have recovered or are improving. Thank you for continued prayers!

Our goal is to go into all the world, but we Specialize in Deaf Ministry.” We recognize our special responsibility to reach and teach the Deaf world for Christ. Some may not know that approximately 80% of deaf people worldwide “receive no education at all” (World Federation of the Deaf). These Deaf probably do not know sign language, which means they probably have never been told about Jesus Christ. Even in the USA, Deaf people tend to grow up without knowing the simple Gospel. The need is great! We must tell them. We are seeking to reach the unreached Deaf world for Christ. God doesn’t call everyone to the deaf ministry, but He does call some. He called us! You may not know sign language or Deaf culture, but we do. Thank you for investing and making our ministry possible.

We at SWM are glad to be your partners and your hands to take the Gospel to Deaf people. We are glad to sacrifice, travel, face unknowns and challenges, and serve the Lord as your missionaries. We are glad to trust the Lord to work through us to reach the Deaf (PS 92:4). We are glad to see Deaf souls saved and taught (PS 70:4). We all will be glad, both you and us, for the great rewards in Heaven (MT 5:12). Thank you! Let us rejoice together for God’s blessings!

Please view the enclosed pamphlet, “Why Have A Deaf Ministry?As you read, pray for deaf ministries and deaf churches worldwide. – Please also read and pray for the SWM Mission Team prayer requests on the back of this letter. We are here to serve,

Jon Barr,
President, Director of Operations

Please visit SilentWord.org to learn more about our ministry or to donate.

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr are thankful to have conducted a Fantastic Saturday in Missouri. J.T. Gorham taught and helped in this, his first Fantastic Saturday. There were 45 people, (15 Deaf), from 4 different churches. Praise the Lord for three service decisions.

Tabitha Beam praises the Lord for His provision of her new home!

Jim and Terry Bracelin praise the Lord for three Fantastic Saturdays they conducted – in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Allen Snare helped in each of these. The meetings were small, but blessed. They also took part in the Missions Conference at Appalachian Bible College. They spoke with many students, presented SWM in a workshop, and visited with former SWM intern, Steven Burns. Also, thank you for praying for Jim as he preached for his dad’s funeral. Two people were saved at the service!

Reed and Donna Condra had a wonderful opportunity to speak at LifeSigns Deaf Baptist Church in New Albany, Ohio. There was a good response to the message. The pastor and his wife, Scott and Tricia Crabtree, have been friends of SWM for many years.

Monique Lindsey presented her testimony and her ministry to Liberia in two churches in South Carolina. She talked with a struggling lady who repented of a life-dominating situation! She is also mentoring two ladies and helping a missionary in the Middle East who has a son with special needs.

Ben and Marie Muldoon report on many meetings in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. Because Marie was a missionary to Honduras (before their marriage), they have been able to report on that ministry and present their current plans for the field of Romania. Praise the Lord that many churches are continuing their support.

Allen Snare is thankful to be traveling again in meetings. He preached two revivals in November where salvation and service decisions were made.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart praise the Lord for two new supporting churches and great meetings in Alaska, where they preached, taught, presented their ministry, met and learned from veteran missionaries, and got to eat moose, caribou, and salmon!

Carrie Whaley is thankful for the great meetings she had in Virginia. God blessed greatly!

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr asked prayer for an unsaved Deaf man at the Fantastic Saturday. (News flash! Allen Snare led him to the Lord during a recent revival meeting.) Pray also for the continued work on the animated Gospel video. Pray the salvation message in it would be presented very clearly.

David and Vicki Bennett need prayers for complete recovery from COVID (both) and shingles (David). Vicki was in the hospital for 6 days and recuperation has been slow. David’s energy level is still low. They also are caring for Vicki’s parents in South Carolina as their health declines. David has continued discipling others by way of Internet and telephone. In addition, they need prayer for the preparation for the SWMI mission team going to DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas in July 2021.

Jim and Terry Bracelin ask prayer for their schedule for the remainder of the year. Because of COVID, they cannot be sure they will be able to travel in the Northeast.

Reed and Donna Condra would appreciate your prayers in the recent homegoing of Donna’s sister, Deb. Pray also for the health of many of the members of their church.

Monique Lindsey asks prayer for the missionary chapel at Faith Christian Academy where she presently teaches. Pray for the work of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit in the lives of the students.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart ask you to pray for them as they book meetings in the West for March through August of 2021. Please pray they reach 100% support by September 2021 and that they have wisdom as they consider options for language school.

Carrie Whaley requests prayer for the school where she teaches. Several in the school have tested positive for COVID. Please also pray for her church as they seek a new pastor.

SWM Missionaries needing more support: Tabitha Beam, David Bennett, Jim Bracelin, Reed Condra, Larry Galyen, Monique Lindsey, Ben Muldoon, Bud Ring, Bruce Stuart, Rusty VanDonkelaar, Carrie Whaley, and the SWM home office.

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