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Do you remember the song, “Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes What Your See”? The second verse says, “Oh, be careful little ears what you hear.” Now I know that many of you who read this newspaper do not hear with your ears, but the principle remains. We all need to be careful about what we are taking into our minds by listening (whether by ears or eyes).

Even if your ears do not function well for hearing, they are amazing parts of your body. Think about these facts. 1) The ear has the three smallest bones of the body – all three could fit on one penny. 2) The inner ear has fluid in it that lets you know when you are moving, sitting, standing, or standing on your head! 3) The wax in your ears (often sticky and brown) actually works like a filter, keeping the ears clean. 4) Ears work 24 hours a day, picking up sound even when a person is sleeping. 5) The 15,000 little hair cells in each inner ear (not the hairs you see sticking out of old men’s ears!) are responsible for hearing. If many of these are damaged or destroyed, a person will not be able to hear.

In the mid-to-late 20th century, “GIGO” was a popular phrase used with computers. It meant “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” Bad input results in bad output. The same is true for our minds. If we listen to bad or wrong information, we will soon have bad or wrong thoughts. In our world today, we hear so much that can cause fear, worry, panic, false beliefs, sorrow, selfishness, and doubt.

But the opposite principle is also true. “GIGO” can become “Good In, Good Out.” Christians need to listen to good, so that good will be in our minds and come out through our lives. The Bible tells us over 50 times to hear the word of the Lord. We should desire to hear joy and gladness (PS 51:8); testimonies of what the Lord has done (PS 66:16); His lovingkindness (PS 143:8); excellent things (PR 8:6); instruction (PR 8:33); wise counsel (PR 19:20); and the right direction for our lives (IS 30:21). Everyone likes to hear, “I love you”; parents want to hear that their children walk in truth (3 JN 4); and Christians hope to hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” (MT 25:21). There are so many voices in the world today.

To whom will you listen? Oh, be careful little ears what you hear.

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