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Dear Friends of SWM,

As I was reading Paul’s last letter to Timothy, his beloved son, I felt impressed to write this letter (hopefully this will not be my last letter – smile). As Paul writes, he remembers those who helped make his ministry possible. In Second Timothy he names 28 who were involved in his ministry. Hebrews chapter 11 mentions the names of 19 people who served the Lord “by faith.” This chapter also mentions many unnamed who faithfully served God. God placed these people to influence and impact their different generations for God.

Notice all ministries begin with the Lord. God sees the need and then places a personthere” to be His steward of that ministry (1Cor. 12:18). When and where God guides, He provides. God uses a person then gives him people to perform the ministry. Moses built the Tabernacle. No! Moses and many people built the Tabernacle with their different abilities, gifts, and skills. In this ministry I learned five major things. One: I did not seek this ministry, but this ministry sought me. Two: I did not build this ministry, but this ministry built me. Three: Because of my limitations, God gave and continues to give many people who provide what is needed. As we go, we know and as we know, we grow. When a ministry excels and exceeds the leader’s expertise and expectations, it is obvious that God is in control. Four: I may not know “what,” but I know “who” can.Five: The ministry is not just one person but many people. One can do much, but many can do much more. As Paul, I want to mention the names of the many like-minded people, both deaf and hearing, who are involved in the ministry of SWM and to mention the many unnamed and unknown who help make this ministry possible.

Board of Directors: (EOB) Ted & Carlene Camp • Jon & Diane Barr • Jim & Terry Bracelin • Frank & Ursala Rasmussen. Board: Jack Case • Larry & Louise Case • Bill Gearrin • Jerry Grisham • Janie Joiner • Calvin & Pam Spurgin • Mike Tate • Johnny Warren • Dr. Reggie Rempel • Rev. Keith Hamilton • Don Baker • Lee Clemmons • Bob Van Sant • Keith Ware. Ministry Advisor: DrKenneth Walters. Special Friends: Derrell & Patsy Gaddis • Danny & Ginger Bradford • Eddy Gifford • Henry Smith. SWMI Executive Committee: Director David Bennett • Dr Bill Egerdahl • Rev. Bob Reed • Mr. Jack Beaver • Dr. Brent Baughman • Dr. Ed Frampton • Dr. Ken Walters • Frank Rasmussen • Rev. Mark Coleman • Terry Broyles. SWM Team-Members: Tabitha Beam • Reed & Donna Condra • Bud & Jenna Ring (Canada) • Allen Snare • Paul & Rachel Strosnider (church) • Rusty & Cassandra VanDonkelaar (church) • J.T. Gorham (Intern). SWM Ministry of Helps: Larry & Diana Galyen. SWM Helpers/Volunteers: Jeremy & Vicki Shiffer • Ray Short • Jimmy & Barbara Sharpton • Larry Luck • Sandy Ronan • Leah Gilreath • Keith Good plus 20+ volunteers. SWM International: Director: David (Vicki) Bennett • Nicole Condra (Romania) • Carrie Whaley (Liberia) • Ben & Marie Muldoon (Romania) • Monique Lindsey (Liberia) • Bruce & Amanda Stuart (Gabon – Africa). Everyone is essential!

Hebrews lists the names of 19+ people who served “by faith,” and it mentions the many unnamed (but known unto God) who also faithfully served the Lord. Amazing! Every month 425+ unnamed to you but known to God, receive this prayer letter with a receipt for their gifts and support. Those unnamed, support those named who serve. Both are blessed by God. “But my God shall supply all your (those who give) need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19). Everything comes together to build ministries that will glorify God with much fruit (John 15:8).

SWM Monthly Report:

SWM mission team members are thankful to be able once again to travel for meetings. Lord willing, they will be in three more fall Fantastic Saturdays, a couple of Deaf revivals, several deputation meetings, and some missions conferences. Please pray for safety in travel, the Lord to be present in each meeting, and people to make decisions for Him. This year we have had 107 salvation decisions reported from all areas of our ministry.

Our goal is to edify the church and evangelize the world, especially the Deaf. People like you make this ministry possible. Thank you for being involved and investing in our unique worldwide ministry.

View our new website: SilentWord.org
From our website, you can be in touch with all our ministries.

We are here to serve,

Ted Camp, Founder

Praise Reports

Jon Barr and JT Gorham (SWM Intern) had the opportunity of interpreting for Deaf Days at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Kentucky. They were also able to encourage and help several new church interpreters.

Tabitha Beam reports that, due to new volunteers at the SWM office, she is able to focus on website promotions and respond to calls, chats, and video phone calls. She recently was able to connect two mission boards, three missionaries, and four types of social media to provide sign language assistance for two hard-of-hearing children in Kenya!

David and Vicki Bennett report that David has been busy making plans for several foreign trips in 2021. He is also planning more Deliberate Discipleship Retreats and an evangelistic team trip to the DeafNation World Expo in July.

Ben and Marie Muldoon were part of a missions conference in Missouri. There one man was especially thankful for their part in helping him see God’s purpose for his life. They also had very positive responses from their deputation meetings in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider gave ministry updates in the missions conferences of two supporting churches. Paul recorded another message for their evening online service. They also presented Deaf ministry in a missions conference in Summersville, Missouri. For their church, they report 2 service decisions and new discipleship with a lady who recently visited.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart are excited to have been involved in several missions conferences, including Missouri (a supporting church), Texas (now a new supporter!), and in Alaska (another new supporter!). They now have 54% of their needed monthly support promised, and several more meetings scheduled for the rest of the year.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr ask for continued prayer, accurate signs, and a clear salvation message in the animated Gospel video. Currently, the project is proceeding slowly.

Tabitha Beam plans to join the SWM Deaf Israel Tour group in March 2021 and needs to raise $3,950. This trip will increase her Bible knowledge and impact her ministry. If you would like to help, please send gifts to SWM, designated “Tabitha Beam Project.”

David and Vicki Bennett need prayers for their health and wisdom as they aid in caring for Vicki’s parents as their health decline.

Reed and Donna Condra request continued prayer for Donna’s sister, Deb. Her health is quickly failing. Pray also for safety in their travels.

Monique Lindsey would appreciate your prayers as she prepares and begins deputation meetings to go to Liberia to reach Deaf and other people with different disabilities.

Ben and Marie Muldoon ask your prayers for the many meetings they have scheduled for the rest of the year, including some in Alaska.

Allen Snare will be helping Jim and Terry Bracelin with Fantastic Saturdays in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Lord willing, he also will preach a Deaf Revival in Missouri and in Illinois. Please pray for these meetings and safe travels. Also, pray for Allen and his family in the recent homegoing of his brother-in-law (husband of Allen’s twin sister, Faye).

SWM Missionaries needing more support: Tabitha Beam, David Bennett, Jim Bracelin, Reed Condra, Larry Galyen, Monique Lindsey, Ben Muldoon, Bud Ring, Bruce Stuart, Rusty VanDonkelaar, Carrie Whaley, and the SWM home office.

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