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Organizing a Missions Committee

By Dr. Ted Camp, Founder Silent Word Mission Board –SilentWord.org

Purpose – The Missions Committee serves the congregation and pastor by encouraging, resourcing and facilitating involvement in local, national and international missions, particularly focusing on missionaries and missionary organizations that have been approved by the church.

Mission and Missions – The church has one mission, which is to share the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ by word, deed, and example, seeking to fulfill the Great Commission. “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world, Amen.” — Matthew 28:19-2

The Missions Committee – The first committee should be appointed by the pastor and approved by the church. After the first committee has been organized then future committee members may be recommended by the present committee with approval by the pastor. There should be an odd number of committee members so there will not be any tied voting. Whenever two members or more decline or reject any presentation before the committee the matter should be tabled, postponed or canceled. Guidelines for the church mission’s committee.

  1. Pray for God’s guidance, provision and power. Remember you are not to lord over the missionary.
  2. Envision what God wants to do through your church through missions. Inform the church of mission issues and needs, what God is doing and what needs to be done.
  3. Partner with others in the church. God’s ministry is always in cooperation with other believers.
  4. Involve the church in praying for countries, specific missionaries, and mission trips.
  5. Encourage the church to be world conscious of the Great Commission.
  6. Encourage the church to support and help fulfill the dreams of these missionaries.

Current Missionaries – The Missions Committee serves the church and the missionaries by focusing upon the needs and requests of current missionaries. After the committee reviews the needs or requests they will advise the pastor and church. All financial needs must be brought before the church. All spiritual, health, or prayer needs should be placed within prayer bulletins or presented before the church. All prayer letters should be monthly reviewed by the committee, initialed and then placed upon the designated mission boards.

Future Missionaries – Naturally, the pastor has the right to have any potential missionary to present their ministry at any time. Church guidelines in choosing potential new missionaries for support:

  1. It should be understood by the missionary, pastor and church that all potential new missionaries should be interviewed by the mission committee. The committee is to complete a required questionnaire from each potential missionary.
  2. After reviewing a potential missionary, the mission’s committee will vote (see #2) to approve or decline the missionary. The completed questionnaire with their votes, comments and recommendations will be presented to the pastor for approval, disapproval or recommendations. The pastor has the right to table or veto any missionary.
  3. After pastor approval the mission’s committee (or pastor) will present the missionary and amount of support to the church for final approval for monthly support.
  4. The mission’s committee will then notify the new missionary of his approval and support or disapproval.

Six Mission Groups – The Missions Committee is to concentrate on all areas concerning missions:

  1. Foreign Missions
  2. Local Church Missionaries
  3. Church Member Missionaries
  4. Home Missions & Missionaries
  5. Local Jerusalem Missions
  6. Compassion Ministry

Faith Promise Giving – (optional as some churches may have other mission programs) The monthly funds for these six areas should be church approved and included within the faith giving program budget. The church has elected to support missions with a monthly faith promise program. After each mission giving program the mission’s committee should submit a mission budget that is in agreement with the faith giving program. The faith giving offering dictates the mission giving program. The committee should present a budget to the pastor. The pastor should present it to the church for final approval.

Amounts of Support – The mission’s committee may recommend amounts of support but the church must approve it. The amount of support should be determined by the needs of the individual missionary. Each missionary is different with different needs. It is understood that the needs may fluctuate or vary because of situations, economy and health factors. The mission’s committee should also advise the pastor where there are needed adjustments for certain missionaries.

Questionnaire Form – As churches differ, it is best for the mission’s committee and pastor to agree upon a special questionnaire.