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“Out in the Darkness”

Out in the darkness lost ones are waiting,
Waiting for light, salvation and love.
They do not know that Jesus will save them,
That He’ll receive them home up above.

Oh, we must tell them. Yes, we must tell them.
We must not let them perish in vain.
Oh, we must tell them. Yes, we must tell them
Hell to avoid, and Heaven to gain.

They can’t tell Jesus all of their trials,
They must endure their burdens alone.
No one has told them of His salvation,
That He has died their sins to atone.


Why do we linger, why do we tarry?
Now is the time to show them the way.
If we delay, they surely will perish.
We must be busy, even today.


© Written by Missionary Dan Truax.
May be sung to the tune of “I Must Tell Jesus.”

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