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Paul stated, “I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content” (Philippians 4:11). Paul said, “I have learned to be content.” Contentment is not natural but must be learned. It did not matter if he was exalted or abased, he learned to be content from experience. In my many years of ministry there are some things that I have learned. I have learned that some people fight all the time and never win a victory. Some leaders always have strife and division in their ministry, and even brag about it. I have seen Christian leaders destroy others and enjoy it. Paul wept as he wrote a letter to correct a problem in the church (2 Cor. 2:4). Paul also stated, “I have fought a good fight” (2 Tim. 4: 7). Paul knew it was right to fight a good fight but not a bad fight. To fight the battle of faith. To fight the world, sin, and the Devil, but Christians need to stop fighting each other. I have learned that God can use people who disagree with me. It is important to recognize your true enemy. Christians are on the same side. During the war in England a war was being fought on the sea. It was very foggy and Wellington’s ship was being fired upon. He looked through his eye glass and saw it was one of his own ships. He flashed a message to the ship, “The enemy is over there.” In every war there are casualties from friendly fire or fire from soldiers on the same side.

I have learned not to fight in a battle you cannot win. It is better to avoid the battle when there is no victory but only casualties. Sometimes it is not who is right but what is right. Never wrestle with a pig in the mud. You may win but he would still enjoy it. Don’t wrestle with a skunk as you will lose even when you win. Curtis Hutson said, “There are some things that I’d die for, other things that I’d fight for that I wouldn’t die for, and still other things I’d fuss about that I wouldn’t fight over.” There are some things too trivial to fight about. Most of the fusses and fights in churches are useless because nothing is accomplished. There is no victory as both side lose. They lose their power and testimony with the community. Something is lost in each battle. The one who wins the argument, usually loses the good fellowship of the other for several hours. Churches have been split and friends lost over battles without a victory. It is not worth it! The battle should be “without” but not “within” the church. When Christians fight the world watches and we all lose. Christians remember a very important verse, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” (Psalm 133:1). Learn to avoid bad fights and only fight good fights. Pick You Fights.

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