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“Please, Sign For Me”

To save lost Deaf My hands did shed –
From nails – a fount of crimson red –
Poured forth as I hung in their stead:
Please, sign for Me.

To save the Deaf – proud, guilty, lost –
My hands I gave to Calv’ry’s cross
That I might pay their sin’s high cost;
Please, sign for Me.

To save sick souls of sinful Deaf,
Yes, souls of hope and God bereft,
Pierced hands now sign I died their death:
Please, sign for Me.

My hands spilled blood, My life I gave,
Then bound were they within a grave,
That I the Deaf might many save:
Please, sign for Me.

My hands – nail-scarred – now serve above,
So I need hands to tell Deaf of
My death, My life, my grace, and love:
Please, sign for Me.

© Written by WDB on July 9, 2015 and finished on April 21, 2016
on a flight between Miami, FL and Charlotte, NC
while returning from a Deaf ministry trip to St. John’s, Antigua.


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