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“Please, Soften, Deaf Hearts”

Please soften, Spirit, the hearts of these Deaf
Who face condemnation and eternal death;
Convict them of evil, convict them of sin,
That we, humble servants, their lost souls might win.

Please, soften, O Spirit, their hearts that are hard
And cause them, in mercy, Thy Word to regard;
Bring them to conviction as Thy Truth we preach
That we, faithful servants, their spirits might reach.

Please, soften, O Spirit, Deaf hearts hard as stone,
So they can be molded by Thy hands alone;
Help us preach the Gospel with boldness and grace
That we, zealous servants, might run well our race.

Please, soften, O Spirit, these hearts dry as bone,
Turn over their hard ground that Seed may be sown;
Break up ground that’s fallow, break up the dry sod,
That we, patient servants, may lead them to God.

© Written by WDB on September 06, 2009
at the YMCA in Taipei, Taiwan during the 21 st Deaf Olympics.


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