ASL Expansion


By Jon Barr, CT

ASL Expansion has been called the “missing link” of ASL, and is a Deaf-proven method for clearly communicating in American Sign Language. These lessons were taught  at the 2023 ASLI in Trenton, Georgia.

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What’s in the course?

In 7 sessions, Jon Barr explains and helps students discover the “missing link” of ASL Expansion Techniques. Sessions include…

  1. Introduction & Contrasting — Using Opposites or Showing Differences
  2. Faceting — Series of Synonyms to Provide More Detail or to Emphasize a Particular Meaning
  3. Reiteration & 3-D Space — Repeating a Sign, or Series of Signs, for Emphasis — Using Space to Set Up Nouns and Pronouns to Show Physical Relationships
  4. Explain by Examples — List of Nouns or Verbs to Clarify, Elaborate, or Explain an Idea More in Depth
  5. Describe then Do — Action is First Described, Then Acted Out in First Person
  6. Contexting — Define by Description, Analogy, or Function
  7. Wrap Up & Practice — Putting it All Together

*PDF notes are also included for download in the course.

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