Faith Promise / Grace Giving Card – Brown – Packet of 50


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These high-quality Faith Promise / Grace Giving Cards can be given out during a Missions Conference or Missions Emphasis to help your church take their responsibility more seriously. They will also serve as a reminder of their missions commitment to the Lord.

  • Packet of 50 Cards 
  • High-quality Card Stock
  • Perforated for easy use
  • Amounts from 25¢ to $200
  • Write-in blank for other amount
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly Options 

Includes key phrases:

  • Expand Your Vision
  • Impact Your World
  • Finance Your Burden
  • Fulfill Christ’s Great Commission
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Financing world missions is a God-size task. What a privilege and honor it is, however, to to be entrusted by God with such a God-size task. SWMI has designed these beautiful Faith Promise / Grace Giving Cards for your annual use in Local Church Mission Conferences or Month of Missions Emphasis. We believe that the quality and message of the cards will encourage more people to get involved in a mission of such international and eternal importance!

The graphics and the message of these high-quality cards has been carefully planned for maximum exposure to the great importance of the Great Commission. You will notice the seven words PRAY – FAST – GIVE – WRITE – CALL – VISIT – GO. These words are reminders to your people to get involved more seriously in the cause of world missions… besides that of Praying, Giving, Going!

Each card is perforated for the purpose of dropping one side into the offering plate, or laying it inside a Bible placed on a communion table, for collection purposes. You can see that the shorter side has amounts beginning at 25¢ and going up to $200, and there are a greater number of contribution options that most cards do not have. Of course, there is a spot to write in some other personal amount that might differ from the options given. Also, each card allows for promised contributions to be marked as being weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

The long beautiful side is then kept in their Bible or a place of prayer-prominence so that the amount can be prayed over throughout the year, and the card be used as a reminder to pray for the churches’ mission program.

Each card also has the words: Expand Your Vision – Impact Your World – Finance Your Burden – Fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. Along with the Bible verses on each card, these words serve to motivate your people regularly with the heart and and significance of your global missions program.

Do your church and your missions program a favor, and order these quality card-stock Faith Promise / Grace Giving Cards for your next missions conference or missions emphasis month. You may want to order enough for the next two or three years so as to save postage and time. Another idea we suggest is to order an amount of different cards so you can switch them up from year to year.

Special Orders: If you would like to have a particular and special Faith Promise / Grace Giving Card made with a specific theme for your church or next conference, please call the SWMI director, David Bennett, at 423 – 322 – 7995, and your idea can be discussed. Theme, Bible Verses, Time Frame, and Finances will be considered, and a plan laid out to assist you in your desire to do something extraordinary in this regard. SWMI wants to help you and your church be all it can be for the sake of Christ’s Great Commission! We look forward to serving your church!

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