How to Study the Bible


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How to Study the Bible—The Methods and Fundamental Conditions of the Bible Study That Yields the Largest Results

Even though it was originally written over a century ago, this book contains a gold mine for today’s earnest Christian who desires to know the Lord better. Just as the Word of God is ever fresh and relevant, the Bible study methods taught herein will prove to be enriching, life-changing and applicable for every Christian, not only preachers.

Dr. R. A. Torrey explains several ways to study the Bible, but he is also careful to point out that the student of God’s Word must first be a child of God. He does not suggest a certain commentary or Bible program but leads the reader to use the Bible in order to understand the Bible. This is truly a Bible study aid for preacher or layman, professor or student, seasoned saint or new believer.

121 pgs | Paperback | Dr. R. A. Torrey

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