My Scripture Studies (PDF)


#4 in the “My Legacy Series” by Dr. Ted Camp

“My Scripture Studies – These studies have been a lifetime collection and compiling these special Scripture studies from my personal morning devotions. These studies are taught and retaught in our SWM materials, EOB sessions and seminars. Since the beginning of the ministry I have always realized that without the Word of God there is no Work of God. John R. Rice personally taught me to always present Scriptures with my writings. The only authority, assurance and absolute is the Word of God. No one can spiritually grow with the Word of God – No one (2 Peter 2:2). No one is saved without the Gospel – No one (Romans 1:16). As you know you grow and when you stop knowing you stop growing. A stagnant pond produces death, but

running water produces life. When you stop learning you will stop leading. When you stop knowing you will stop growing. Without the Scriptures you have no ministry. What teaches me I try to teach others. It is my desire that you may share in my inspirational moments from my morning devotions. The more I know of God’s Word it seems there is always much more I do not know. The Scriptures have always been my final authority. Scriptures never conflict with Scriptures. Scriptures always prove Scriptures. Let’s learn, What do the Scriptures say.” – Ted Camp

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