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Something The Deaf Can Hear!

Many Deaf people have never heard the thunder in the sky or the birds sing their beautiful songs. Many Deaf have never heard the radio, and many Deaf have never heard their own babies cry. There is something the Deaf can hear. It may not be the noises of this world. It may not be voices of friends, it may not be birds singing, but there is something the Deaf can hear!

What Can The Deaf Hear?

Be still and think hard for just a few minutes, and there will be something you can hear. It will be more wonderful than the prettiest music. Every Deaf person can hear the voice of God. You cannot hear Him with your ears, but you can hear Him with your heart. God wants to talk to every Deaf person. God loves all Deaf people and He can talk to the Deaf. Stop signing and listen in your heart and you can feel God talk to you. God talks to your heart!

Every Deaf Person Can Hear the Voice of God!

Yes! Every Deaf person can hear and feel the voice of God! If you will now be still and think hard about God, He will talk to you. God understands Sign Language but He will not use signs. God will not talk to your ears, but God will talk to your heart. God will let you know and feel how much He loves you. God wants you be in Heaven where you can hear forever! God wants you to know that His Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross, rose from the grave, and returned to Heaven, so that you can be saved and be in Heaven with Him. Listen, God is talking to you now. He is talking to your heart and telling you to be saved. He is telling you to pray and accept Jesus now as your Saviour.

God does not want you to go to Hell. Hell is an awful place of suffering. God wants you to accept His Son and go to Heaven a wonderful place where there is no sadness, tears, sorrow, sickness or Deafness.

I Cannot Hear
By Ted Camp
Written for his foster deaf daughter

Now in this life I cannot hear,
one day I will, for Jesus cares.
I cannot hear the birds that sing,
I cannot hear the bells that ring.
I’ve never heard a baby cry,
or heard the thunder in the sky.
Sometimes I’m lonely and I cry.
I have to brush the tears from my eye.
For in this life I cannot hear,
but one day I will, for Jesus cares.
I thank my God that He saved me.
I may be deaf but I’ve been made free.
I have God’s word in Heaven I’ll be,
with Him for all eternity.

There I will praise the Lord and sing,
there I will hear the bells that ring.
My deafness gone forever more,
I’ll sing with Him, my dear Lord.
I’ll sing with angels and happy be,
with Christ my Lord through eternity.
For in this life I cannot hear,
one day I will, for Jesus Cares!

Do You Want to go to Heaven?


The greatest need of the deaf is not to hear but to be saved. Because in Heaven the Deaf will hear forever. If you want to go to Heaven, you must ask Jesus to forgive your sins and save you. The Bible says you are a sinner (Romans 3:23). You cannot go to Heaven with your sins. Your sins must be forgiven, and only Jesus can forgive your sins and save you (John 14:6). Jesus died in your place. God has put your sins on Jesus. You can be forgiven and go to Heaven when you die. Pray to Jesus now and be saved. If you will pray and trust Christ, please pray to God in your heart or in Sign Language. God can understand Sign Language. Talk to Him!

Yes, I want to be saved and know that I will go to Heaven. Pray: “Dear Lord Jesus, I now understand that I am a sinner and I deserve to die and go to Hell. I know I cannot save myself, but I need a Saviour to forgive my sin and save me. I believe that you died on the cross as a sacrifice to pay for my sin, You were buried as my substitute in death, and You rose from the grave as the Saviour to forgive my sin (John 3:16). I now repent of my sin and place my faith in You alone. I now receive you to be my Lord and Saviour (John 1:12). Thank you for Your forgiveness, salvation, and the promise of Heaven. According to the Bible, I know I am now saved (1 John 5:13). Lord please take control of my new life and help me live for you as a Christian. Amen!”

What next? Let others know you are now saved. Seek a Bible-believing church, be baptized, pray, st udy your Bible and be a faithful Christian (I Peter 2:2).

“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name” (John 1:12). Receive Him now!

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