The Parable of the Orange Trees – Packet of 50


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This high-quality brochure is designed to motivate the reader to a life of personal evangelism. This parable is poignant and to the point. The point is this: The harvest is plenteous and ripe, but the laborers are still too few! The message of this parable, based in an immense orange grove where fruit is falling on the ground, and rotting. The story line is interesting and will grip the reader.

* Use as an Evangelism Message Introduction

* Exhort Your Church in the Area of Evangelism

* Distribute this Brochure to Members

* Use in Your Annual Missions Conference

I dreamed I drove down a lonely road, straight, long, and empty. On either side were groves of oranges trees; row after row stretching back endlessly from the road with boughs heavy with the round, yellow fruit. It was harvest time, and fruit was abundant.

My wonderment grew as the miles slipped by. How would the harvest be gathered? During all the hours I had driven, seldom had I seen another person. The groves were empty of people, with only an occasional orange picker here and there. However, far from the highway, on the distant horizon, lost in the vast wilderness of unpicked fruit, I could discern a tiny group of them working little by little. And many miles later, I saw one more group. It seemed an impossible task for the few scattered pickers. As fruit fell steadily from the trees, it seemed as though the earth were shaking with silent laughter at the hopelessness of the task.

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