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Many people have told me that they cannot do much for God. I remember my grandmother telling me that the only thing she could do for God was to pray. She thought that was a small thing. I remember going to her house for a day after she had surgery to help her and to make meals for her. I made her breakfast, and we sat and talked all morning. After lunch, I sat in one corner of her living room, and she went to a chair next to an end table with a drawer. She pulled open the drawer, and pulled out a stack of missionary prayer letters. As I read a book, I watched her read each letter, moving her finger along the page and then hesitating when she saw a prayer need the missionary had mentioned. I was curious, but I noticed that she would close her eyes and pray. She followed this pattern for two hours! I thought to myself … All she can do is pray … There is a second lady that comes to my mind when I think about someone who thinks they are not doing much to reach out to the world with the Gospel. There is a Deaf couple that lives in Rhode Island. For many years, she has asked us to bring her Silent Word Ministry tracts. We have taken her hundreds of tracts. What is she doing with all of them? We found out that whenever she pays a bill, she puts a tract inside with her payment. She has learned the importance of a tract! I remember that the pastor of our church was saved because someone left a tract in a car mechanic’s waiting area, and his father read it and trusted Christ. These two ladies both thought that there was not much they could do. Both of them were wrong. One was reaching around the world through missionaries that she prayed for to lead people to Jesus. The second will find out in Heaven how many people read one of the tracts she placed in the envelope with her bills. Both are doing what they can, with what they have, to reach out to lost people around them.

What are you doing today? You might feel that there is not much you can do, but there is always something you can do to reach out to someone who does not know Jesus. Find the “thing” that God has given you to use for His glory and to reach a lost person with the Gospel today!

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