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In the early days of sports, there were no officials. So each team used the honor system of making “calls” on themselves. It did not work! They then reversed it so teams could make “calls” on the other team. It definitely did not work! Finally they agreed to use someone, not involved, who they could “refer” to for the calls made in the game. It worked! They would simply “refer” all calls to the “referee.” Note: The referee dressed casually this created a problem. Why? The teams mistakenly took him as a player in the game. To solve this problem a referee wore a special pin-stripe black and white shirt. It worked! These proven methods are now used in all sports.

I then thought, “Wonder if a “referee” system would work in the church when there are unsettled disagreements? Note: Paul had more trouble with strife than sin. Why? It seems everyone is doing what is right in their own minds. Their theme song could be, “I did it my way.” Some are as the cowboy who ran, jumped on his horse and rode off in all directions. Learn: Decisions Determine Directions – Directions Determine Destinations: Alice: Would you tell me, which way I ought to go? Cheshire Cat: That depends on where you want to get to. Alice: I don’t much care where. Cat: Then it doesn’t much matter which way you go. A college student was asked, “What do you believe?” He said, “I believe what my church believes.” Well, “What does your church believe?”“My church believes what I believe.” Well, it seems some ministries are without referees or a rule book, and no one will make “calls” on themselves, but it seems many are making “calls” on others.

Solution: Let’s let the Holy Spirit be our “Referee” and the Bible be our  our “rule book.” This could free the church to concentrate upon edifying the church and evangelizing the world. Goal! Seek to have a ministry of reconciliation that resolves and restores all the members to unity (Psa. 133:1).  As said, “One can do much, but many can do much more.” “One player can win a game, but teams win championships.”

So when there are problems in the church, let’s simply refer to the “Referee” to make the calls from the proven Rule Book. It works! Warning! When He blows the whistle, stop and listen, or you could be ejected or sidelined from the game.  

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